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April 2021, 08
blackjack game software for sale

This is easy to explain: today the Internet offers many attractive games, for participation in which you don’t need to spend a dime. You enjoy the process, being in the usual, convenient for you environment, at any time, day or night.

Thanks to its simple rules, as well as the speed of the game and easy scoring, Blackjack hasn’t lost its popularity for many years. Nowadays, the latest technologies and innovations help to create easy-reachable, exciting experiences for blackjack players. Online casino owners who haven’t added this game to the website, lose the chance to cut a melon and attract hordes of newcomers to play. Read the article to learn more about Blackjack itself, its features and software specifics.

Blackjack as a process

Playing Blackjack online is quite simple: a player must score twenty one points. More precisely, 21 is an ideal option, it is advisable to collect the maximum number of points as close as possible to this number. The main thing is not to overdo it in the heat of passion, since the player who scored 22 points or more automatically loses. Further, the player’s cards are compared with the dealer’s cards, the winning situation is when the player’s points exceed the number of dealer’s points, and the total points are lower or equal to 21. That is, winning is possible if the player scores 20, 19 … or even 15 points, the main thing is that the dealer has less points than the player or more than 21. If the dealer and the player score the same number of points, no one is awarded. These rules apply both in real establishments and when playing Blackjack online.

Understanding blackjack specifics

Online Blackjack has its own characteristics. Firstly, the suit of the cards doesn’t play any role, as in some other card games, where it is taken into account whether a trump card is or not, in Blackjack only its dignity is important. Secondly, the fight is against the dealer and the players don’t compete with each other. Thirdly, the probability of winning in Blackjack is based on the player’s ability to remember cards that have left the game; there are even several strategies for counting cards.
Everyone who wants to learn how to play Blackjack must know the terminology of this game. We give you an example of the most common terms:

Even a beginner can play Blackjack online, just read the rules before the start of the game. If you are an experienced player, don’t waste time, choose the Blackjack type that you like more!

Types of Blackjack

Compared to any casino game, Blackjack has many types of games that still exist. The basic principle of Blackjack is to collect the number of points that will be higher than that of the dealer, and will not be more than 21 points. There are still several types of Blackjack which are highly popular and known all over the world: Spanish blackjack, European blackjack, American blackjack. The very principle is unchangeable in these games but a few differences are easily distinguished.

European Blackjack

The European version of Blackjack is not much different from the original classic blackjack game. The rules of the game are identical and European Blackjack is played with two standard decks of cardboard.
In the European version, the blackjack combination can be any other with 21 points. A card file is evaluated, as in classical Blackjack: from ten to a king – 10 points, an ace – 1/11 points, all other cards in accordance with their face value. During the game, the player can receive up to 9 additional cards to collect a combination.
If you have 17 points (or more) in your hands, then according to the rules he stops collecting cards. And if the dealer has less than 17 points, then he will definitely get the card. In the case when the dealer collects blackjack, players lose all bets except insurance. You can insure against Blackjack if the dealer’s initial card is an ace.

American Blackjack

American Blackjack also has several versions, for example, the popular Vegas Blackjack and Atlantic City Blackjack.
In Vegas Blackjack, the following rule applies: if the dealer’s original card is 10 points, the dealer immediately shows this card (does not require players), and if he has a blackjack combination, then the players immediately lose and lose their bets (excluding if the player also has Blackjack). Vegas Blackjack is usually played with two standard decks.
In Atlantic City, the dealer also looks at the next card when he checks it. If the dealer has a blackjack combination, then the players lose. This type of Blackjack is usually played by eight decks of cards. In Atlantic City Blackjack, a player can re-draw cards after a split.

Spanish Blackjack

The Spanish version of Blackjack has significant differences from all other types. Unlike standard pads, there are 48 cards instead of 52. This is the difference from the casino an even greater advantage over the players.
In case the player can split the cards three times, i.e. play four hands at once.
The payout structure in Spanish Blackjack is as follows:

Features of blackjack game software

Online blackjack game software development takes much time, money and patience. The complexion of your blackjack game will depend on your own game view and business needs. The RNG algorithm implementation is the very process which included in every  gambling software development. Also, a usual blackjack game software includes such features:

Of course, you can ask for adding more features which suit your project and make it profitable or listen to the development company recommendations about appropriate options – that’s up to you.

How GGD develop blackjack games?

Go Gamble Development is an outsourcing company which has online casino game software at the fingertips thanks to 10 years of its development and support. We use Unity with its latest technologies, monetization solutions and services to develop the front-end part and provide a smooth user-game interaction. Speaking about the back-end side, which contains the RNG algorithm, server deployment and hosting, database and security, etc., GGD developers’ choice is PHP script language.

GGD blackjack game development team works to its full capacity to create cross-platform, secure, and high-speed online casino games that contribute to success on the online gambling market. We have been working on it since 2009 and already earned the trust among online casino business owners who we collaborate with. Our mission is to deliver only the products we will always be proud of.

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