Can You Stay Stress-Free With White Label Casino Development Services?

June 2021, 24
stress free white label casino development

Launching an online casino on your own from scratch is a promising business these days, albeit considerably stressful and time-consuming. The tremendous amount of startup capital you need to tackle all developmental and license-related issues puts the online casino business into a realistic dream category for very few people.
That’s where white label online casino comes into play. You can buy or rent the ready online casino solution from another company and stamp your own brand on it, which can be incredibly fast and cost-efficient. Let’s delve into other advantages of white label development services, plus their provider and software options.

White Label Casino Benefits

White label services have become pretty common nowadays across all sorts of industries. The idea of renting software rather than doing raw development saves a lot of heartache. White label casinos follow the same principles: saving time and money while focusing on marketing and customers.

Legal Issues

Any type of casino, online or physical, comes with strict legal obligations. The legality depends on the country or even the state. With white label services, the company provider covers any problems there may be with gambling legislation and potential disputes, leaving you with a clear solution during actual purchase.

Gambling License

The same goes for licensing. Online casino white label offer or franchising allows for an already licensed solution, so you don’t have to wait a couple of months to obtain your own. You also don’t have to worry about problems that may occur within different gambling regulations.


A much quicker setup is expected when almost every bit of white label casino software is already built. Compared with several months of tedious development, the mere weeks of white label setup will feel like days. Plus, you get technical maintenance, database, support, and hosting from your provider. 

Risk Management

Setting up a payment system and protecting your customers’ private information in online casinos comes with certain risks. Preset and verified payment systems take the load off your shoulders, and installed security from your white label provider will ensure your clients are safe from fraud.

There are also a few less obvious perks of starting a white label online casino website:

White Label Casino Providers

To receive a reliable white label casino solution, you should carefully choose your future provider. First, evaluate their fees, features, and partnership terms. Going “white label” is not free, but it is a lot cheaper than developing from scratch. Their fee will depend on the functionality they offer, so it must be reasonable without going overboard. 

The turn-key offer of Multi-Programming Solutions will make sure to fulfill all your requirements of responsible gambling. If we’re to name a few other legitimate white label casino providers, these few come to mind:

1. A minimalistic and quite popular White Hat Gaming;
2. ProgressPlay, that’s known for its friendly and intuitive layout;
3. SoftSwiss, a leading brand as well.

White Label Casino Cost

The total costs of such casinos can usually range from $10k to $15k depending on the provider company, its popularity, and the package they offer. It may seem a lot, but if we compare these numbers to the total cost of a custom casino development, which starts at $150k, you can see it’s a decent case for a beginner in the industry.  

The white label casino cost covers the following services:

Although, if you’re not yet ready to start your own online casino or haven’t chosen the right white label provider, you can participate in an affiliate program. It’s a way other casinos outsource their marketing work and a chance for you to receive some profits for getting them new customers. Search for legal intermediaries to get in this business.


So can you indeed stay stress-free if you choose the white label casino option? In a way, yes, since you’re delegating all the maintenance and bureaucracy to another party and can properly concentrate on business development and marketing. 
You still have the responsibility of selecting a trustworthy provider, so choose wisely. No solution is a guarantee, but some can be a close approximate. If you need any guidance, feel free to contact our team .

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