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April 2021, 07
casino slot machine software

So that casino and slot games are really popular both offline and online. Almost all  casino games  make it possible to get a huge amount of money in minutes. Online casinos caught a wave and became a mainstream in the market. Business owners do their best so clients could find any game which looks fascinating and will make them rich. Nowadays web slots grab a spoon with their convenience and engaging features. So what is slot machine software and is it easy to build it? Keep reading to get the answers.

How does slot machine work?

Online slot machines are the offspring of traditional casino slots. Offline slot machines were previously electromechanical. The player pulled the handle, the reel spinned, and then stopped on some of the pictures due to the system with a certain algorithm. The sensors analyzed the resulting combination and gave out the winnings in case of coincidence of symbols. Later electromechanical slots replaced the electric ones. Modern gaming machines have an electronic filling – a processor with a built-in random number generator (RNG). So it becomes clear. 

Online gaming business owners often start their casinos with a clear decision of purchasing slot machine games firstly. Its variety, easy-to-play concept and funny characters are main enticement elements. Online slots include different symbols, numbers, pics, animations and videos so people keep getting more excited with all the features, sound effects and interesting game.

When a player places a bet and pushes the button, the reel starts spinning. Then it stops and specific algorithm brings a set of numbers or symbols on the screen which determine if the player won or not. Today slot games and apps are full of new modern features, e.g. free spins to find out about the game process or bonuses to get a chance of a big price. Unique designs, involving themes and extra features are tools used to increase the players’ visiting statistics. Slot machine game is engaging for green and master players because of such advantages:

Types of online slot games

Most popular online casino slot trends

In 2019 casino online games took over the world with the creativity and innovation. New trends appeal more and more visitors so game industry constantly increase its income.What are the most stunning trends in online casino and slots software?

VR and AR

Developers more often prefer creating 3D online casino slot than 2D ones. This feature load a player into bright effects and involving atmosphere. The coming chip of this gambling trend will be the creation of entire virtual halls, where players can walk and interact with each other, choose games, spin reels or hold cards in their hands.


Today people use smartphones hourly and there is no need to say the reasons. That’s why players prefer playing online slots on the phone. Since at the end of 2017, Google softened its requirements for gambling and specialized applications, developers create new fresh online casino games available and comfort to play both on PCs and smartphones.

HTML5 games

Such games came on the online casino market and HTML5 slots are first among the most frequently played games now because:

Most popular online casino slot themes

Fruits, pirates, Wild West and jewels are number one among slot gamers. Most slot games has a feature of changing a theme and customize your game by yourself.

Buy slot games for online casino. How much does it cost?

There are so many factors which influence the custom slot software cost and the very common is a set of features. You won’t find any identical casino game, all of them are different in something: graphics, features, platforms, etc. Also the team you will choose for the development plays an important role in this question. Here you can see options:

1. Choose a development company

Many entrepreneurs start googling some famous companies from Los Vegas because we think that they are aware of such projects better than others. But that’s a cliche. It will definitely cost pretty money no matter you will be satisfied with the result or not. Choose a company according to your financial plan and portfolio you saw on their site. Remember that outsourcing company will probably cost less and make a high-quality product as well as famous one. Judge such firms with their experience not popularity. Also hiring a company means having all the stuff in one place working together, you don’t need to worry about finding some designer or one more developer to do it faster. These people will cover your project from the beginning till release time and support.

2. Hire freelancers

Also you can be a project manager on your own. Hire and manage all the team members from different countries and places. This is the most risky way to work on the project because you are responsible for so many things and people you found could be so infant. Some businessmen choose this option for its minimum spending plan but ask yourself whether you’re ready to lose in quality then.

Features of slot game development services

With growing interest for casino online slot software, it becomes more difficult to create excellent game or app. But some features which are a must in every modern product are still can be recommended:

GGD – slot machine providers

So where you can find slot game developers? Go Gamble Development has accumulated experience in building online casino slots and other games. Your development team will consist of a project manager who will lead the team and provide reports about the workflow, a designer who will create UI and UX for slots, 2 developers and a tester who will look for bugs to make the project perfect. In GGD we use client-server architecture in our development process to create cheatless and clean slot experience for the players. With small drawback of internet connection requirement, which in 2020 is almost insignificant – we can deploy all calculations and database logic on server, while client side will be used to display gameplay for the user. 

With this architecture slots become a lot lighter in weight and also a lot quicker in performance. Here we can split slot dependencies between client and server to see, for what part of the development process each architecture side is responsible:

unity casino slot machine


Graphics implementation

php server casino slot machine


Database (info about players, slots etc.)

The whole team do their best to provide the best IT solution and service for the client. 

Final Words

Vegas online casino slots are a must-have on any online casino site: it’s a favourite game of many online players and newcomers. So you should think about including such game into your project or even create a new app which will reach the top of online casino games list. Gambling slot software is the first point in building up the business plan. Check out the latest trends and features on the market and jump over competitors’ heads. Go Gamble Development can accompany you on the road to a new way forward!

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