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April 2021, 07
attract new customers online casino

Well, that’s easy. Just throw in a few hundred euros of no deposit bonus in their accounts. They’ll sign up, play to their heart’s content, and leave your website as soon as they run out of the funds you so wholeheartedly gave them.
Therefore, the real question is – how to get new players and keep them coming back?
Now, that’s a question whose answer is a little more complex. It is increasingly clear that there are only three things that matter when it comes to attracting and retaining new customers – technology, experience, and entertainment. Online casino players today demand a gaming experience that is more tailored to their unique requirement. They want online casinos to understand their likes and dislikes, and offer them experiences that appeal to them. Online casinos, for their part, are improving their marketing and customer retention strategies to achieve better sales and reduce customer attrition. Here are some ways the best online casinos in the business are attracting and retaining more casino players.

High payout percentages

Payout Percentage is the amount of winnings that the slots players can expect to make when they bet their money. Typically, payout percentages of good online casinos and casino games are usually somewhere in the range of 94% to 98%. When a gambler is playing at a slots machine with 94% payout percentage, he can expect to make £94 for every £100 he bets. Online casino players are always seeking highest payout casino games to wager at. After all, they are trying to maximize their wins. The higher the payout, the higher are their chances of winning big. Therefore, games with payout percentages of 95% and above from reputed game developers, renowned for their fairness are always in high demand. Casinos that feature such games are guaranteed to attract maximum new customers.
An interesting thing is that many online casinos advertise their payout percentages. Because of this, the casinos offering high payouts end up on lists like these . For instance, Dunder has established itself as one of the best and highest payout online casino in the industry. By routinely making it onto the top of such lists, Dunder attracts a maximum number of new players to its website.

real money players online casino

True random number generator system

When a player is pressing the button on the slots game at an online casino, there are no real reels turning at the back end. Whatever movement is happening on the front end is for the user’s entertainment only. In the back end, random numbers are used to determine what the final outcome of that spin would be. Although these “random numbers” cannot be truly random, it is important that they are as random as possible. Only then the casino games would be fair to use. To make this happen, casinos use highly sophisticated random digit generators.
A trusted and reputed online casino business always uses a certified random number generator. Although they are not a true number random generator, they have been checked and certified by gambling commissions or regulators to be in compliance with their requirement for randomness. Such a random digit generator gets an RNG (random number generator) certification. Online casinos which use such RNG certifications and display them to their players are correctly perceived as fair in their business approach. Hence, they attract seasoned players who are aware of such details.

Visual and audio effects of games

It is the video and audio aspects of the games that make them truly exciting and entertaining for the gamblers. The best of the online casino businesses shower a great deal of attention to these two factors. They design their entire website on various pop culture themes to make them appealing to their audiences. This is reflected in their game animation and game sound effects. Any game development team understands this fact. They often have multiple games of similar kind, each feature a different pop culture theme, to appeal to different audiences. Online casinos must decide who their target segment is and use the game show sounds that appeal to that segment.

real money online casino

Online casino experience

There are 3 main things that contribute to the players’ experience on the online casino – user interface, games selection, and tournaments/adventures set by the casino.
The online casino design must be impeccable. The navigation must be fluid smooth and feel absolutely hassle-free for the users. You should also feature a large selection of popular and innovative games for your patrons. Your game selection must include everything from classic casino games to popular casino games to limited games that are rare. The idea is to offer a complete all-round package to the users and allow them to enjoy their games the way they like them.
Lastly, the online casinos must feature secret layouts, missions, adventures, side quests, and tournaments that give players to be part of something more long-term than a 5-minute slots game. That’s how you get them to keep coming back for more.

Fantastic bonuses and advertisements

In the online casino industry, there is no running away from the casino bonuses. Online casinos must invest in welcome casino bonus to attract new players. The most attractive kind is the no deposit casino bonus. Players just love them. The only other kind that they love as much as them are the free casino slots bonuses. After all, they allow them to wager and win money without losing their own money.
By allocating impressive casino bonuses, online casinos can engage in a smartly designed casino advertising to attract new players. They must come up with innovative casino promotion ideas that advertise their huge bonuses as well as their splendid gaming experience. Only then they will achieve good results.

Final words

In addition to all of these, a highly responsive casino customer service is singularly the most important factor that can keep the players happy and prevent their attrition. If the tech support team responds to their issues and fixes them on priority, then a supremely satisfied customer will never leave the online casino. What’s more, he’ll talk about your online casino with his friends and maybe even post great reviews about you online. That’s right, you also need to focus a good deal of attention on the websites where the players can post their online casino review. By controlling your image on those review sections, you can ensure that your casino is getting more reviews.
All of the things mentioned above are individually not a success secret. But, together, they are a formidable force. The best casinos know how to balance all of these to attract and retain the best players.

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