How to Make a Poker Website

April 2021, 07
how to make poker website

From the dingy dungeons in shady urban centres to glitzy casinos in resort cities to​ online poker websites, poker lovers can be found in every corner of the world. The exceptional level of convenience offered by the online casinos has resulted in a growing number of players choosing them over land-based casinos.
Clearly, the demand for online poker sites is growing. Naturally, many enterprising individuals and businesses are starting a poker website of their own. But, launching an online poker business is easier said than done. There are many regulatory challenges in the process. Not to mention the financial ones. That’s why, here is a quick yet thorough guide on how to build a poker website.

How to open a poker room

To start poker website, you will need these:

open a poker website

Business attorney

Launching an online poker business is not as straightforward as creating an online poker website.

business attorney launch poker
Your online poker business will thrive only if it is a legitimate one, which means that it must have all the licenses necessary to operate on a national scale, if not on a global level. Only then will the professional players and hard core amateur poker players will throng to your website and take it to new heights. So, the first step towards starting a poker website of your own is to obtain the requisite licenses. That’s exactly the job of a corporate or business attorney. If your country does not have casino-friendly laws, then your business attorney will incorporate a company in a casino-friendly country and obtain the licenses from there.
All of this requires considerable legal expertise. Therefore, it is vital to hire a smart and reputed business attorney for the purpose.

Casino software developer

A casino software is what houses all the different poker games you will be featuring on your website. It neatly wraps up all the poker games together, integrates the various payment gateways, provides account creation and management functionalities, and provides the players one seamless poker website experience. There are a thousand other things that are offered by the casino software from security to record keeping of players’ wins or losses. All of this requires granular level understanding of online casino software and therefore, only a reputed casino software developer can deliver a bug-free software that works like a charm without any hiccups. So, a good casino software developer is essential to the success of your online poker website.
poker software developer

Make sure that you have priority access to the software developer if and when your software faces any issues in the future.  Casino app development team  should guarantee on-priority support service.


infrastructure casino software
Once you have gotten the casino software ready, you need a place to host it and run it. For this, you’ll need a few things. The first item on the list is a website domain. It can be your business name or some other catchy domain name. Choose it wisely, as it will become your brand name on the internet and will be the core of your online success. The second thing you’ll need is a web host. You can choose to host the casino on a third-party service or in-house. The best casinos in the business choose in-house hosting. If you go the in-house route, remember to get 3 high performance servers, each of which can handle at least 1 million users on 100,000 poker tables simultaneously. Two of these servers are just backups in the event of any failure on the part of the main server and you need them.

Thirdly, you’ll be required to set up phone, email, and chat support services to help your users through any technical or other type of issue they face.

Game developer

Any software development company can create casino games like poker. But, that doesn’t mean that those games are exciting, stunning, and engaging for the players. That is why game developers are amongst the most sought after businesses in this industry. There are many reputed game developers and it is vital to get the games from them for multiple reasons. Firstly, their games are tested on hundreds of other casino platforms. Thus, they inherently come with a high degree of trust and reliability of performance. Secondly, players browse for poker games from the most trustworthy game developers, as they know that the poker website is offering fair play to them. If you want your online poker business to gain the trust of your customers, then you should feature poker games from the top game developers.

game developer

Marketing agency

marketing agency poker game
Sure, you can market your poker website by yourself without the help of a marketing agency. But, it is possible that without professional guidance, you’ll simply go into a spending spree without actually generating many customer conversions. Marketing agencies understand the audience before tailoring their marketing strategies to their specific likes and dislikes. Their highly targeted campaigns can produce effective results with nominal financial resources. In other words, hiring a marketing agency will help make your online poker business before an internet sensation in a short time with minimal resources.


Well, the old adage, “it takes money to make money” is as relevant as ever. You’ll attract the most customers if you build a great online poker website. But, starting a poker website requires a significant amount of money. In fact, it is estimated that it requires at least $500,000 to launch a new poker website after accounting for licensing fee to the final website launch. The total expense may even be higher than that.
The right strategy would be to court multiple investors with a thorough business plan. That should include along with other details, how the investors will recover their money and earn profits in the shortest possible time.

poker to make money


Anyone can start a poker website with these tips. All it takes is some hard work and relentless courting of investors with your idea. The more thorough and meticulous you are with your business plan, the higher are your chances of getting funded.

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