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What is White Label


On gambling sites we can often meet a concept of White Label online casino. White Label concept usually means products or services that are produced by one manufacturer and sold by other companies.  For online casinos that means the same - product produced by one development company and proposed to players by multiple businesses and under their own brands. White Label edition of a poker game means the game will be published under unique name and won't have any connection with the company that developed it, except technical side hidden for players' eyes. So White Label is a kind of a branch of a casino under completely different name.

What we propose

Being a casino applications development company with extensive experience in social gaming, we propose our cutting-edge social multiplayer poker software as a White Label for a fast and efficient growth of your online casino business.
The software is comprised of a java based multiplayer engine that is capable to support unlimited number of users playing in real time; Flash or Unity client side that will be developed according to your needs and design preferences; advanced back office.
We take responsibility for all the technical side: deployment and support, as well as necessary technical updates and additional development, so all you will need to do is to concentrate your efforts on advertising and players support.

What you getwhite label online casino software


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