Facts about Video Poker You Should Know but Probably Don’t

April 2021, 08
facts about video poker

Video Poker is a really popular gambling game which has already taken over hearts of many players all over the world. However, there are still people who avoid playing this game considering it as a twin of Slot machine. They might be right because Video Poker took its steel form, screen and RNG algorithm from Slot machine or every online casino game, but the main rules and strategies are still here. Today we are to speak about 10 facts about Video Poker you should know but probably never thought about. Keep reading to find out about the real Video Poker face.


1. Video Poker brings more benefits to a gamer experience

Playing video poker means being at home or in the circle of friends and not to be restricted by some casino rules or moral issues. No dealers, no waiters, no pressing atmosphere – just comfort and peace. No matter where or when you play, a chance to win is real and doesn’t depend on any conditions except luck.

2. Poker allows you to decide

In most  gambling games  there is no opportunity to do more than decide whether to bet or not and how much to put. Fortunately, in Poker you can think of your steps and your competitors’ strategies, that’s fascinating! So the win probability mostly depends on your skills.

3. A player doesn’t need to worry about his strategy reveal.

When playing at home, you don’t need to be scared of somebody stealing your ideas, strategies. But, unfortunately, you won’t be able to learn somebody’s chips too, so all your knowledge and experience is based on your own moves and mistakes.

4. There is not the one type of Video Poker.

Poker has its variations and they are really different. A player can choose a suitable type for him/her, get its rules and master a new skill.

5. A player has interaction only with the game.

In a real casino building, a player have to interact with many people who may not be even involved in the game – it irritates! With Video Poker you must have interaction only with the game and you decide.

6. A look is the only thing which unites Video Poker and Slot machine games.

The first sight is wrong and this is about Slots and Poker machines comparison. Slot machine consists of fruit and symbols random circling. In Video Poker it’s playing cards. So in Slots a player has no idea of possibility to get a jackpot when in Poker it’s transparent 1 to 52. It’s known with the help of math and the probability in a deck of cards.

7. Free game is available

Offline machines don’t have a feature of a free set when online casino games often allow users to check the luck and play cards for free bet once or twice. It heats up players’ interest and also they can try out the game itself if it’s the first time they play.

8. Video Poker games also are used to train Poker skills

A player doesn’t have an opportunity to observe different players’ strategies and moves but can participate in programs where he/she is taught most popular Video Poker variations and best strategies for them. It costs about 100$ but helps the player to feel the ground and even start a professional Poker player career.

9. Need an audience? Play in an tournament!

Video poker competitions are a decent method to play for quite a while on a set bankroll. Your chances of winning aren’t generally any superior than playing simple video poker, yet you know precisely how much your play costs before you start.
All card sharks need to follow their bankroll and portion it into playing sessions so you can play as long as you need. Entering competitions is a decent method to appreciate broadened play on a set measure of your bankroll. 
When you play video poker competitions the individuals who win are normally ready to hit a couple of huge hands. You should seriously mull over changing your methodology a little from typical play in a competition to take more risk at hitting the top-paying hands.

10. The faster you play, the faster you lose.

Video poker is a game that you can play as quick or delayed as you need. As a result of the house edge the more you play the more you lose. Rather than attempting to play as quick as possible, you should play more slow to help ration your bankroll. A few players can play 300 or 400 hands for every hour. On the off chance that you play half the same number of hands every hour you lose half as much over the long haul and can play twice as long on a similar bankroll.
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We are sure that these 10 facts about Video Poker you might not know or didn’t think of before will definitely convince you to play it or, at least, to add this game to your online casino. NonStop Casino company can create any Video Poker variation and suit it up with a wide range of functions, integrations and chips. We are open for a new partnership in  online casino gambling business  and have fresh ideas to customize your project. Contact us to get the details!

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