iGaming Affiliate Marketing: How to Find Affiliate Partners to iGaming Business?

August 2021, 19
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For a business in any sector (and the modern online gambling industry is no exception), staying put spells stagnation, lagging behind the competitors, and eventual extinction. In order to thrive and outstrip your rivals, you have to expand your sway by targeting and involving ever new customer strata. iGaming ventures miss no opportunities to make their presence on the market known to as broad audiences as possible, hoping to find as yet untapped consumer pool.
The gamut of promotion instruments and techniques in the Internet-driven business world of the 21st century is extremely wide. Aggressive advertising, robust presence in social networks, holding offline events, tailoring your activities to fit the latest trends in the niche, leveraging the best SEO practices – all of these are jigsaw puzzle pieces that form a comprehensive picture of marketing strategy. Its overarching aim is to promote an online casino of yours, reaching out to the maximum number of gamblers.
Today, the biggest and most forward-looking igaming sites launch or at least start thinking about affiliate gambling program . Why? They choose the affiliate system because, among the plethora of promotion methods employed in the industry, the igaming affiliate marketing channel is one of the most effective ones in terms of ROI.

What is the Meaning of Affiliate iGaming?

Affiliate partners are people and organizations who participate in online casino affiliate programs honed to bring more traffic to your gambling site in exchange for a revenue share. To do this, an igaming affiliate places banners or links on their own website driving their online casino affiliates’ referral traffic.
Gambling affiliates approach the traffic-driving task in various ways. Alongside the mentioned tactics, they may utilize a direct CTA (like urging to register in a certain online casino), provide information on casino rankings, publish iGaming guides, share the nitty-gritty of online gambling, etc.
How are such third-party activities supposed to attract the relevant audience and why are gambling affiliate sites likely to have credibility among the gambling community? Having considerable experience in the realm of building gambling sites , we at Multi-Programming Solutions are sure that affiliate success is attained through the choice of appropriate igaming affiliate operators.

Who are the Best Online Gambling Affiliates?

Who would you trust when you want to know more about a product or a service? Certainly, those who have been regular consumers of the said product/service for a long time and know all nuts and bolts of the sphere in question.
So while choosing the most suitable candidate for an affiliate who is likely to bring high conversion rates, think popular gamblers or poker players. They may be well-known streamers, bloggers, or vloggers with a significant number of subscribers who are active in Twitch, YouTube Live, TikTok, LinkedIn, or any other media that are frequented by the relevant public. Their popularity makes them heavy-weight influencers in the sphere whose opinion is held in great esteem and whose pieces of advice are readily followed.
Another viable option of affiliate marketing for online casinos is to enlist a person who is well-versed in the other side of the story – the operation of igaming ventures. Being an expert in how the system works is a valuable asset that is sure to foster trust among gamblers at large.
Resellers and re-publishers are also effective igaming promoters. Since the B2B sphere is the one with an extensive offering, such platforms can augment your audience tremendously.
Specialized networks and portals are an excellent source to address, searching for online gambling affiliates because they focus on the respective niche and know everyone and everything in it, which makes them the ultimate point of reference and trust among the punters.

Top iGaming Affiliate Networks to Choose from in 2021

All affiliate networks can be categorized into B2B and B2C platforms. Let’s have a closer look at each type.

  1. B2B Affiliate Platforms 

The chief purpose of these portals is to serve as a meeting venue for operators and affiliates to get to know each other. To give you access to their databank, you will have to either pay some fixed amount or display your brand in their directories.

  1. B2C Affiliate Platforms

These are more numerous and are honed for sports betting or online gambling site promotion, typically taking moderate commissions for their services. The most popular among the online casino-related ones are: 

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Why is Affiliate Marketing Effective?

Affiliate marketing has unquestionable plus points that make this way of igaming ventures promotion much more effective than other channels online casinos use.

  1. Reputation Bolstering

The high authority of affiliates translates into rising the gambling site’s repute and credibility among the public in the industry. As a result, brand awareness and recognition receive a powerful boost.

  1. Payment for the Outcome

When you place advertising on social media or hold a presentation of your brand, you can never be sure that these would have the expected effect. Here, the money that gambling affiliates earn is well spent since vendors pay them based on their performance. This cost per action (CPA) model presupposes paying the affiliates for registration or (more often) participation in gambling of every new site visitor. No conversion – no payment.

  1. Measurable Performance

With other promotion activities, you can only guess how effective they are. Affiliate marketing mechanisms enable the precise calculation of new punters who gambled at your site and the amount you earned from it. Moreover, the specialized igaming affiliate software module provides an opportunity to track the performance of different partners and see which of them are doing their job better.

How to Find Affiliates?

There are two principal approaches to finding affiliate partners for your online casino – inbound and outbound. 
The first is simpler: you launch an affiliate program on your site and wait for candidates to come. This tactic greatly depends on the landing page you will have on your site to attract prospective affiliates. Go Gamble Developers’ team of professional developers recommends including the following information in it:

And remember to place a link to the affiliate program landing in the conspicuous place on your main page for all and sundry to see. 
Outbound methods require more dispatch and verve since you have to try a number of schemes to reach out to affiliates.

Once you managed to get someone interested, make sure you provide them with tools for effective marketing endeavors (real-time statistics, analytics, etc.), institute a transparent and problem-free payment procedure, run a system of bonuses, cash backs, and loyalty programs, and furnish 24/7 online support. You should approach each of them individually, learn about the type of cooperation models and payment options they are familiar with, and select a partnership mode that will be comfortable for both sides. In this way, you will nurture your affiliates and obtain the best possible outcome to the mutual benefit.

To Sum It up

iGaming affiliate marketing is an extremely effective way of promoting your online casino via the involvement of third-party efforts. By reaching out to the maximum number of influencers and experts in the gambling industry and carefully choosing the cooperation model, you can establish yourself firmly in the niche and attract new customers in droves.

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