Poker Development Process

April 2021, 06
poker development process
What are the reasons for such success in the virtual gaming industry? The rapid development of online gambling can be explained by the following reasons:
  • the technological breakthrough observed in recent years and even greater progress that can be expected in the future;
  • acceptable operating costs for gamers, significantly lower than in offline gambling establishments;
  • the target audience of online casinos has no administrative and state borders;
  • the ability to attract gamers from around the world with an unlimited range of general and exclusive services.
This situation in the online gambling market has led to the the services of  game software developers  becoming more and more in demand every year.  Creating a successful online casino game  requires involving highly qualified developers.

Stages of Poker App Development


Start with brainstorming the concept. Visualize it on a piece of paper. Add keywords and comments to each branch of your plan. There are two options:
  • come up with something extraordinary;
  • adopt the experience of the most successful virtual poker sites.
It is quite risky to enter the market with a product that has no analogs. Sure, there is a chance for success, but it is impossible to predict how big the success will be. It’s easier and more reliable to carry out thorough market research first.
The following tools will come in useful:
  • Questback – a program designed to collect data from social networks, online panels, loyalty programs.
  • Social Mention – a program for tracking reviews on any topic in all social networks. The information received will help you determine the popularity of the topic among the target audience.
  • FreeLunch will help you collect publicly available statistics and financial information about competitors. This will help you determine the cost of the project, analyze the market, and identify your main competitors.
  • SurveyMonkey – a service with ready-made templates for market research based on surveys. It will help you better understand consumer motivation.
After the brainstorming, when you have decided on the concept, it’s time for the practical implementation of your ideas.


The prototype is a developer tool that will help find and fix errors that occurred during the brainstorming phase, and get a feel of the future poker website. Working with prototypes, developers use the following tools:
  • Framer is a simple tool with which you can move images, embed shapes, texts, animations, etc. Coding knowledge is not required.

  • Marvel is a universal program for creating mobile and web prototypes. It has a full range of functionality for downloading images of various formats, editing, optimization for various devices.

  • InVision is a service that creates interactive mobile and web prototypes. It has the same professional functionality as Marvel, working with Photoshop and Sketch files.

  • Proto.io is a professional tool for developers and designers.

  • Unity is a full-fledged professional platform for developing gambling prototypes of all existing varieties.


At this stage, you create the basic structure, the primary version of the online game. When making this work, developers focus on the key components that make the software work. To do this, they use the following tools:
  • HTML5;
  • Angular;
  • JS node;
  • Vert.x;
  • Vue JS;
  • MongoDB.


This is the final stage for you to determine the readiness of the project to launch. Testing is not an easy process and can be performed using various techniques. Here are some of them:
  • Combinatorial testing involves generating various test situations, covering the maximum number of possible combinations of all game parameters.

  • Functional testing reveals inaccuracies in programming that affect the gaming experience. The installation and the correct operation of the game, payment gateways, etc. are checked.

  • Compatibility testing is used for mobile applications. The ability to work on various devices, stability, readability, compliance with the size of the display are checked.

  • Load testing is performed in real-time by many users at the same time. It checks the stability of the product and the maximum number of gamblers.

  • Beta testing – the final evaluation of the game, receiving first feedback from users.

How long can the testing last? Get ready, because it may take several months to a couple of years.


There is nothing left for you but to patiently observe how successful and popular your product is. If you didn’t make any serious mistakes before the release, you are likely going to succeed.
Keep in mind that observation is not all you should do at this stage: the advertising and marketing support, working with staff are also necessary.
How to Start an Online Gambling Business


The Unique Proposition from nonstop casino Development 

Creating a high-quality lifecycle gaming application, ensuring a return on investments and a stable income for the owner of the business is a task for professionals. Inexperienced developers make mistakes, which have to be fixed, which increases the cost of the project with no guarantee of its proper functioning.
NonStop Casino proposes a ready-made solution that takes into account all the key aspects of  online gambling – White Label . We offer an error-free, time-tested product that meets the requirements of the most demanding gamers. The price of White Label is very budget-friendly when matched to the expenses of creating an online casino game from scratch.
The system was developed based on the successes and mistakes of our competitors. White Label eliminates the situation where a glitch in the software leads to chaos in the gameplay and incorrect calculations.
White Label provides security and allows you to focus on developing and promoting your business.
Benefits of White Label:
  • the operator of the gaming platform does not need to understand the nuances of the software. White Label offers a turnkey solution that does not need testing.

  • the White Label is able to satisfy any operator’s desire to create a unique application design. Numerous web templates are at your disposal.

  • the operator can configure various payment methods convenient for visitors. If necessary, it is possible to organize mutually beneficial cooperation with various payment services.

  • flexible cost. NonStop company offers to choose between a one-time fixed payment and revenue sharing.


An interactive poker game is one of the most promising types of apps. The number of gamblers tends to increase, and therefore you will not have any problems with the target audience in the foreseeable future. The main thing is to properly organize the creation of you poker app at all stages, contact reliable developers, monitor traffic and respond to all problematic issues on time.
Contact NonStop casino team to  create your online poker app  and start making a profit as soon as possible.

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