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August 2022, 02


Thousands of people walk through the gambling site every day. Some stay only a few seconds and then leave, yet another return twice a week. So what makes online casino players become loyal brand connoisseurs? Mainly, a  platform’s success depends on its proactivity, creative marketing strategy, and sustainability towards customers and employees. Hence, human-driven goals vary from country to country, depending on a large set of criteria like age, gender, financial well-being, educational level, experience, and motivation.
And if you, as an iGaming operator, want to attract more customers to your gambling business, you should learn to understand your target audience better. This article will try to picture online casino gamblers more clearly.

Gender characteristics affecting the style of play

Within a stereotype, an average player looks like a man 18-35 years old. At a young age, many people try to get an online gambling user experience after they pass restrictions provided by law. But, it doesn’t mean females stay aside from such entertainment. Many women of different age categories participate in casino games and even win significant sums, becoming famous online casino players.
Thus, American women play games of chance triple less than men. But they do! And with the gambling tabu cancellation in 2018 , female participation can grow, and sooner, we’ll face another online casino player stats. But even now, ⅓ of the whole client's volume is enough to pay strict attention to gender segmentation gambling .
Returning to the age issue, we can say that US gamblers are younger than average players worldwide. Let’s look at these ranges:

What is the gender situation in other gambling countries? Only 17.6% of the online casino player community are females, while more than 82% belong to young males mainly 18-39 years old.
We can face some changes in gender preferences in Australia, where the iGaming sector involves 45.8% of women and 54% of men. However, let’s consider that female inhabitants on the continent reach 51%.
What can this online gambling research tell us? Casino operators may take two steps, learning the gender characteristics of their market:
1. Concentrate on the players' majority and optimize their business according to the target audience’s demands.
2. Improve their service level, attracting players from the gender and age minorities.

For example, if you want to grow your female customer base according to their preferences, you may try to add some non-strategic games, like slots, bingo, or video poker.
Suppose, your goal is to maintain users' interest in the game , meaning to concentrate your efforts on male demands. In that case, you can add more strategic gambling (blackjack, sports wagering) or propose beneficial promotions, and so on. Nevertheless, that’s not the only option you should consider, optimizing your website’s performance and improving users’ experience.
What about gender characteristics? Namely, what they represent to the customers. Let's see how the player’s portrait changes with the development of the educational system and people’s welfare.

Degree of education and income of players

Online casino target audiences differ in educational base and average earnings from country to country. Both people with low and high revenue contribute to global gambling.
For example, high-educated Canadians with a $75000 annual income make up the picture of the maple-leaf countries’ average gamers. While in Africa, mainly the poor and not working inhabitants practice playing poker for a living .
Surprisingly, Australians with a low income spend most of their salary playing casino games. On the other hand, wealthier gamblers prefer responsible gambling.
New Jersey's Center for Gambling Studies, USA, reported that working and self-employed people with high-school or college diplomas made up the majority of online gambling user growth. At the same time, students represented a tiny part of it.
Among described things, the world’s contribution to the casino game target market depends on many other factors. We’ll highlight them below.

Development of online gambling by country

Online casinos’ popularity spreads worldwide, and you hardly meet someone unfamiliar with betting or spinning reels for real money. They probably contacted a live dealer or simply noticed news lines about the best online casino players. However, people’s involvement in the iGaming industry differs globally.
Thus, gambling is prohibited in some parts of the world, and inhabitants are afraid to break the rules and bypass wagering propositions. However, some daredevils search for illegal operators and play at their own risk. For instance, 60% of people in Thailand enjoy internet games despite the government’s ban. Other countries in the Asian market don’t graze the rare and involve 51% of residents in Macau, 61% in Hong Kong, etc.
The world’s biggest iGaming market is concentrated in Europe. However, the engagement level continues to increase in online gambling. The only UK may bring an additional $2.83 billion from digital staking near 2022-2026.
Wagering platforms in the USA will keep top positions for investments in near 5 years. It projects to enlarge the game's target audience and reach a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17.34% by 2026. Americans are passionate about sports wagering and social casino entertainment as well.
African bettors expect European league matches with particular excitement. So we may face the betting boom in Nigeria, Kenya, etc. Nowadays, almost 60 million Nigerians aged 18-40 regularly visit such websites with sports betting options.
As for Latin America, Columbia, Brazil, and Peru are the leading countries in betting activities. 60% of Colombians affirm wagering at least once in a life. And many people like to bet on football events or play games of chance with welcome bonuses and free trials.
Australians are well-known money wasters when it comes to iGaming. They spend over $1000 per year on gambling entertainment.
So, online casino player demographics can give you exhaustive information on users’ demands and expectations from internet games or bookies within your market influence. Therefore, when you satisfy the client’s demands, it’d be the time for customer acquisition.


Motivation and experience level

Gamers from all over the world may have the same goals, regardless of their financial stability or gender. So, if clients just have a good time playing slots or baccarat, they may be rare visitors to an online casino. On the other hand, if customers consider gambling as an additional source of income (that is not proven), their attendance is higher.
Also, some gamblers set their own limits for one day or a month. It helps to control their expenses without the risk of becoming addicted. However, other clients can’t stop chasing their dream to disrupt the jackpot, especially when they “almost win” the last time. Here, casino operators can add a notification feature to their software to provide safe gambling. When users spend a lot of time or money on the site, they’ll receive a warning message.
Users’ gaming experience also plays a crucial role in their behavior. Beginners may be interested in popular amusements or welcome bonus proposals. Top players in online gambling will search for reliable providers, high-RTP slots, loyalty programs, and so on.
Clients with different objectives and skill levels pull out dissimilar expectations from a casino operator. So, to please them all, website owners should make a deep customer analysis and optimize their services.


What does today’s online casino player look like? According to the gambling demographic, it’s a young man, in most cases. But that description is relatively flat and doesn’t describe the whole depth of the customer’s variety. Thus, females and older people like to play too. And they have personal expectations of gambling sites based on their location, prosperity, experience, and motivation.
So, how to attract online casino players, considering their differences? Learning your clients’ preferences is crucial if you want to create equal opportunities for all ages, genders, and incomes. A flexible approach, target audience analytics, and a trustworthy software provider will help to build a loyal customer base and stable profit. Having all that vital information, it will be much easier to create your own strategy on gambling business development.

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