White Label Vs Standalone Casino

February 2022, 03
White Label Vs Standalone Casino

The development of a casino website requires a lot of time and money. Therefore, entrepreneurs have to make a choice between an online standalone poker business and a turnkey white label casino. In this article, we will help you choose the best casino solution.

What Is a Standalone Casino Solution?

This is a turnkey online casino solution that you can fully customize. You choose the turnkey casino software, design, concept, promotion, business strategy, and all the other aspects on your own. The only thing that you won't have by default is a license. You will have to get one yourself.
This is not a problem at all if you choose a developer that will provide you with high-quality software. Keep in mind that starting a standalone casino will require big monetary investments.

What Is White Label Casino Solution?  

Having a white label casino solution is like opening a franchised coffee shop. You just rent or buy a gambling website that has all the needed features, such as games, bonus and payment system, and even marketing promotion.
In this case, you can't choose the design and you don't have a say when it comes to the creation of a gambling menu. Even your website’s marketing will not be up to you. You will not have the opportunity to set up your online casino in the way you want – the company you purchased the label from will do all of the above for you. However, white label gambling platform providers provide you with:

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Pros and Cons of White Label and Standalone Casino

Both options have their own pros and cons depending on your budget and other conditions.

White Label Casino


start standalone casino

Thanks to these white label casino benefits , almost everyone has the opportunity to open an online casino almost instantly, without the need for help from credit funds or other loans.


Standalone Casino



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