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Lucky Charm is a bright slot game the objective of which is to hatch and grow dinosaurs. Dinosaurs advance and grow over time as you play slots. 
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Each “pet” has four different growth stages: egg, infant, teen and adult. There exist 3 types of dinos: Common, Rare and Legendary. All of them have their own names and features, a player can finish the game only in case if all types of dinosaurs will be grown. User panel contains info about each dino and its growth history. Lucky Charm allows user to be awarded with one of three different outcomes: bonus coins, a bonus game or the advancement the growth meter for a dinosaur. It is a kind of lottery that doesn’t depend on combs which is randomly activated after a losing slot spin. Moreover while regular visiting “My Scene”, Lucky Charm awards players with daily gifts.  Lastly, there is a slot paytable which automatically updated to reflect a higher payout for the winning line combinations. That’s why no one of the players will be upset by his presence in the game. In addition, your Facebook friends also can know about your wins and achievements and get from you bonus coins.

Comfortable usage of Lucky Charm is ensured with different game settings:

The team of Lucky Charm developers created a secure admin panel for more operating and useful game management. It includes:

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