Sheikh Poker

Web application that will discover you a new dimension to casino games. Sheikh Poker is a card game application whose main target is to win table money pot using the highest card combination.  
Sheikh Poker app
Sheikh Poker application
Sheikh Poker gambling
Sheikh Poker profile

A normal or full-screen mode, sounds, vibration and voice effects as well as push notification can be activated or deactivated on the game App. Sheikh Poker has variants such as Texas Hold’em up, Omaha, Sit’n’Go, and Spin’n’Go.

Sheikh Poker allows server pop-ups displaying daily and time bonus and progressive jackpots. It also the pop up of Ads for special offers and promotional banners. This app can be released on GP store, AppStore, and Facebook. MPS online casino developers team has created for Sheikh Poker a message center , lottery scratch cards and also rewards players with chips for inviting their Facebook friends.



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