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Solitaire Pros is a multiplayer solitaire card game.  Our task was to implement multiplayer functionality for the card game Solitaire. 
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Solitaire does not require    server side   implementation. Therefore, to implement a huge number of custom tasks, the development team was able to find a suitable alternative solution based on the accumulated knowledge base and extensive experience.

However, our multiplayer mode allows you to play with an opponent or use a bot; users even have the ability to add a friend to the game. Rank mode has a wide variety of complexities. If the search for a player with an appropriate rank takes too much time, Solitaire Pros offer to play with any free player. For those who only get acquainted with the features of the game, our developers have created Normal Mode. This is a single player option of the game as well as the main way to practice and earn coins.

Lastly, to ensure mobile communication of players, Solitaire Pros offers a unique idea for a Fast chat, which is distinguished by the large variety of emojis packs with cool sounds. Among other things, Solitaire pros has 3 type of logins: guest, facebook, google or game center (for Android and iOS).

Solitaire pros has an admin apk . to make simple changes to a game at any time on top of Playfab admin panel. It was developed specially for the customer as two separate applications for iOS and Android and it is super user-friendly.

Admin panel provides basic features for small in-game tweaks, that may occur through time and have no need for developers inclusion:
Change achievements and purchases;
On top of PlayFab panel customer received almost full control over game features:

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