7 Top Slot Games 2021 Ushered

January 2022, 10
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The year that has just ended was dominated by the global pandemic that held sway over almost all domains of our life, switching them to the remote mode. The gambling industry was no exception, encouraging thousands if not millions of real money players to embrace iGaming. Avid punters find it extremely convenient to enjoy the best online slot games, poker, or roulette without leaving the safety of their COVID-proof lodgings or engaging in their favorite pastime wherever they are by leveraging their Android-powered portable devices or iPhones. Let’s have a look at online slots releases 2021 has brought.

2021 Slot Game Releases That Will Tickle Your Fancy

Creators of slot machine games sensed the plague-driven spike in online gambling and beavered away, obliging the public with a great variety of new free slot releases that range from ancient armies and civilizations to movie-themed and music slot games. Poker Developers as a seasoned player in the iGaming field would like to draw your attention to the following top new slots released last year.

  1. Big Circus

Who of us didn’t enjoy going to the circus in our childhood? Jugglers, conjurors, acrobats, and of course clowns could make any kid’s day back then. This online casino game released in 2021 will bring back those happy memories in terms of visual effects and let you earn some good money at the same time. With its 5x3 reels, your gain can amount to 2,000 of the stake in case you are lucky to get one of the four fixed jackpots or even the Grand Jackpot. You can make use of free spins, wilds, and respins it offers and multiply your stake by 20, 100, or 500, depending on whether you choose a mini, minor, or major mode.

  1. Pride of Persia: Empire Treasures

What can say more about the quality of the online casino game than its 96% RTP? And this is not mentioning the availability of 600x stakes and a chance to reach 500 credits starting from their paltry number of 0.20! The game graphics with its Eastern chic is sure to pander to your aesthetic feeling and make you forget for a while about reels and spins but instead will arrest your attention with astounding castle views and Arabic-style décor of the displayed interior.

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  1. The Mummy: Books of Amun Ra

This is one of the online slots games that are not only based on a movie but are a sequel to a game released back in the day. Its almost 96% RTP rate is largely achieved through the powerful wild/scatter Book symbol. The game features 10 lines and 5x3 reels that enable five different kinds of free spins and promise a 10,000x stake jackpot to lucky punters.

  1. El Dorado: The City of Gold

The game is another reference to a civilization of the past. It has a 6x7 grid and an assortment of symbols that either substitute others or trigger free spins. A special feature of this game is an offer of an extra bet which, if accepted, augments your chances to get a bonus. 

  1. Speakeasy Boost

This slot is a great switch from the classical treasure-hunting epics to the last-century vintage gambling with its graphics recalling casinos of the 1920s. Its free spins and multiplier bonus rounds guarantee over 240 ways to bet and win (including a Mega Win).

  1. Big Fin Bay

Do you love fishing? Then this is a game for you. And not only because of the thematic tinge. Here, you can land a big catch winning in one out of almost 9,500 ways this slot presents. Besides, its capped prize of over 15,000x will keep you glued to the screen for hours, hook, line, and sinker.

  1. Hell’s Kitchen

Gordon Ramsay’s fans can now see their idol in the casino settings, participating in the slot version of a popular TV show. A special distinction of this game is its Team Challenge feature that can award you free spins causing scatter symbols to appear randomly on the reels. Plus, a wild symbol can pop up 5 or even 7 times during a spin which enhances your chances for a big win.

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2021 was a fruitful year for slot machine software developers who impressed the eager audience of gamblers with dozens of new online casino games that cater to a whole gamut of tastes and preferences. Yet, if you have an offbeat idea for an online game we at NonStop Casino can assist you in bringing it to life, delivering a top-notch solution at a competitive price.

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