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August 2022, 15


A lot of the US citizens prefer gambling among other entertaining activities. Almost 86% of American inhabitants have tried playing casino games at least once in their life, and around 46% admit staking during the last month. Therefore, operators wonder how to promote online casinos and reach the other 54% of users with attractive proposals to visit gaming websites regularly.
A competitive environment is harsh enough, so the marketing strategy should be well-established. Transforming visitors into permanent leads is challenging but more than possible. Follow our article to discover the miracle of marketing tools, quality gaming content, and valuable tips and tricks to increase player retention .

USA online casino games in a nutshell

Long since people have been interested in gambling. Most of them don’t mind earning money on a gambling site. That’s why they are coming to your virtual establishment and therefore stay for long. So a good variety of games, differentiating by types and themes, and a chance of winning are critical moments in customers’ engagement issues.
Operators may have an excellent website interface, several payment systems, and 24/7 technical support. Still, with a few poor-designed slots and a low return percentage, it may be hard to keep clients enjoying their leisure. Moreover, small games’ selection may play a bad joke on your brand’s popularity in the United States gambling market .
Here are the base options players always look for in casino games while choosing a brand to entertain themselves. Some of them even can be used as online gambling promotion ideas to perform the website benefits:
     1.Beautiful interface, engaging music, and popular topics, including flora and fauna categories, adventures, jungles, cartoons, and film heroes.
     2. High Return-to-Customer ( RTP ) rate. A payout percentage shows how much money customers receive from their wagering on long-term prospects. Players find the highest payout online slots of 95-98% the most fascinating.
     3. Attractive bonus systems, like welcome packages or monthly rewards. If clients can get more than just playing, they will be motivated to deal with a gambling platform.
     4. Gaming commissions audit. Technical specialists should check games on their Random number generators (RNG) fairness. Certificates mean customers can trust a program and play without the risk of being fooled.

With transparent information about the client's needs, operators can provide digital optimization, upgrade the service level and effectively promote a gambling business.
But first, let’s find out what are the best online casino games for joining your establishment’s arsenal.

The best games list to implement on your gambling website

Each type of game finds its client. So, to attract people with different tastes, goals, and financial resources, a platform should have an impressive range of amusements. The higher the quality of content on your site, the higher the chances to suit an individual taste. Therefore, we listed the most popular game types every profit-oriented casino platform should have. 


Stocking machines' popularity is substantiated by their rules, simplicity, and ease. Gamblers with no skills mostly try this entertainment by visiting a website for the first time. So game-of-chances variety, their well-known certified developers, and a picturesque design, like in Lucky Charm Slots, play a crucial role in beginners’ impressions.
At the same time, experienced players are more marked with all the possibilities and features they can get from spinning reels. For example, they can be interested in what are the best online casino games to win on, their volatility , stake limits, and jackpots’ size.
More than half of customers ( 61% ) favor slot machines among other casino activities, so widening its assortment and regular updating may help to keep this clients’ category on the website.
Many developers, like NonStop Casino, suggest turnkey solutions for operators, allowing them to choose multiline, progressive, or bonus slots with a custom design and engaging sound effects.


A pure mathematical card game with a dealer is the next best online casino game for Americans. Almost 15% of gamblers prefer to combine some simple strategy and entertainment. Website owners can propose classic blackjack and its variations, like Caribbean 21, Super Fun, Pontoon, and others.
Reliable developers will consider all the client’s wishes in customization, admin panel features, and data protection methods to increase online casino traffic and provide a high-quality card game available from any device.


This is a good old game. It was familiar from 1829 when it was first played at the round table. Modern digital technologies allowed us to bring this entertainment online. Customers don’t have to search for companions to enjoy the strategy skills applied in this card game. Poker is a favorite leisure activity for gamblers who like to have some control over the process, exercise different methods of collecting cards, and try to predict the result.
Game variations differentiate the casino platform’s product range and represent Texas Hold'em , seven-card stud, five-card draw, Omaha, and other personalized options that may be interesting for strategy lovers.
Poker games implementation is an excellent solution for operators wondering how to increase online casino revenue. Instead of developing software from scratch, they can save money and time by purchasing a white-label product and customizing it for your brand.


American and European interpretations both are popular amusements for the casino public. Roulette wheels spin slower than slot machines, allowing to engage the audience longer. Despite the low cash return, clients like to watch a ball rotating among black and red cells, anxiously awaiting the win. Newbies and professionals are involved in this game because it is low-risk, relaxing, and does not require special skills and preparations.


The simpler the rules, the more chance to attract people who didn’t try gambling and have prejudices about its complexity. Two simple bet options, “Pass” and “Don’t pass”, allows beginners to enjoy entertainment without special skills. Rolling dices bring variety to other casino activities and gather its playing public.
Your games list can grow and include categories like baccarat, live casino (if you can afford studio equipment and broadcasting), or lotteries. Clients are fond of testing new products, so periodical new arrivals are necessary for successful casino development. There are several other ways to attract and keep your customers’ interest. You need just a few minutes to read about how to market gambling websites and develop your business, and you might find the answers to the questions you were looking for.


How to properly promote new products and increase the audience

Making your website profitable and thriving can be arduous without a wise online casino marketing strategy. So let’s find out how to reach potential clients and transform them into leads with our helpful guide. Here, we gathered the crucial steps to help grow your conversion rates and effectively interact with customers.

Attract players

The client’s journey begins with catching their attention to your brand’s logo. So you should create a recognizable image that will follow your company everywhere: on the website, in advertisements, in e-mail notifications, etc.
We also need to mention that direct promotion can be prohibited or limited by law. Still, operators may provide digital marketing for casinos through sponsorships with other businesses and increase brand awareness in such a way.
Next, it would be good to consider SEO optimization for the gambling site to take an upper position in the users’ search results. Except for organic links, casino owners can provide pay-per-click (PPC) as one of the best-working types of promoting your games.
Also, it would be helpful to understand how casinos attract customers through social media. By providing targeted advertisements on Telegram, TikTok, Facebook, Reddit, or Instagram, you will reach the customers where they are and lead them to your gambling environment.
Affiliate programs are another effective casino marketing trend. When a famous influencer, blogger, or content creator shows your promotions on their channels, the establishment can quickly increase traffic. Thus, you will reach a multimillion audience for a negotiable fee.

Make an excellent impression

Attracted by your ads, customers follow the link to the gambling website and become your leads. Now it’s essential to engage them to build solid and lasting relationships. There are several ways to provide an excellent user experience:

While maintaining described tasks, operators can ask for third-party help in the face of web designers, analytical tools, and software providers. Finally, after you’ve impressed the visitors, it’s time to make them stay for longer.

Keep customers playing

Retaining a client is easier and cheaper than getting new ones. So it’s vital to maintain their interest via regular game updates, catching rewards, and attractive propositions.
Loyalty and VIP programs are a superb solution for motivating players to stay. You can emphasize that benefits will grow over time for regular customers. Operators can suggest personal managers for VIP clients or make another valuable offer within the proposition.
Establish a solid CRM system to improve customer service in an online casino. With the client’s data, you’ll be able to interact through e-mail massaging, send notifications and receive feedback.
So we found out that attracting a new customer is half the battle, and you should follow some marketing strategy to engage your leads continuously. We hope these tips will help you to build an effective gambling business and gain momentum.


Casino expansion and traffic growth may seem challenging, but they are more than feasible tasks. Following a marketing strategy, you can ensure gambling games' attractiveness and increase customer flow step-by-step. Furthermore, there is no need to make entertainment on your own. Ready-made solutions from skillful developers will satisfy all your business needs in terms of quality, brand personalization, and implementation time.
With an interactive website full of engaging content, you will attract visitors through affiliate programs, social media, and digital advertisements. Moreover, by strengthening casino service and user experience, you will create ongoing relationships with your clients. After all, fortune favors the daring!

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