Key Strategies for Successful Online Gambling Business Promotion

March 2022, 16
online casino business promotion

At the same time that land-based gambling accessibility decreased, online websites continued to operate. To stay afloat, they, like any other business, had to reconsider basic promotion strategies. Let's delve deeper into this topic and, through event analysis, consider the best options for user interaction.

Before talking about casino online marketing, we should analyze the state of the industry and the events that affect its development. The principal event that changed the whole world was the Covid-19 pandemic. It hastened the global downfall of many land-based gambling venues such as casinos, clubs with EGMs, horse racing tracks, lottery retailers, poker rooms, etc. Essentially the sector has been hit by a triple whammy that has seen entire populations going on lockdown - there has been a notable reduction of in-game activity. That is due to the unemployment rate rising (e.g., in the U.S., by the end of 2021, it came to 5.3% .) It is equivalent to that in 1990 when it stood at 5.6%. As of January 22, the figure was 4% . It is a kind of indicator of changes in the economy and politics: when they grow at a healthy rate, the job market is plentiful, and the unemployment rate drops.

In addition, there was a decreased interest in games at the beginning of the pandemic: in 2020, it fell by 12.1%. Apparently, it was not for long, as the industry's revival was aided by the law legalizing sports bets in 6 states (Colorado, Illinois, Michigan, Montana, Tennessee, Virginia) and Washington, as well as the District of Columbia. The sector's revenue was boosted significantly by iGaming, which brought in nearly $1.6 billion in the markets that operated last year. That means unprecedented profitability in online gambling. So that this is not a simple statement, we suggest considering casino promotion ideas that will help grow your business and attract more potential customers. And we'll start with the basics - with the creation of an attractive and at the same time reliable website. Read on to find out how to do this.

Create a reliable website

The gambling industry is one of the pioneers in internet development, so it is more important than ever to keep up with the trends. Essentially gambling contains audio-visual and tactile technologies that excite the human senses. That is, a key casino promotion strategy is based on experiential marketing. It effectively influences visitors’ behavior, satisfaction, and loyalty. Internet pages with distinct personalities and aesthetics are in demand and become more significant than their standard counterparts. The only parameter that affects all aspects of an individual is the quality of service.

Creating a poker website is a more complex task than an online shop on Shopify: you have to go through a series of steps before you get an effective tool. So this includes the following processes:

1. Your business attorney will help make the business legal, obtaining the necessary licenses.
2. Casino software developers will provide you with software that works without errors.
3. You must find a reliable hosting service and choose the most memorable name. You can also choose to host the casino on a third-party service or in-house.
4. Create your customer service.
5. Turn to the leading game developers who will gain the players' trust.
6. Find a casino marketing agency that will support your business.
7. Start a poker website using your assets or investors' money. To attract the latter, you will have to work hard: to make a business plan and present its availability and effectiveness.

Based on all of the above, anyone can create a website. The main thing is to work hard and find investors.
Note! Study online gambling on mobile devices. To date, some technologies have accelerated the speed of data processing.

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Start a blog with SEO in mind

According to BrightEdge Research, 53% of internet traffic comes through organic search, with paid providing roughly 15%. SEO strategies help get a loyal customer base and improve the ranking in search. In addition, the main difficulty with which such websites are usually faced is their blocking by Google or other search engines. That is often due to the use of Black Hat SEO. In addition, obtaining backlinks in a highly competitive market is also a complex process - you are likely to encounter refusals to post proposals related to gambling promotion. So you should accept that the optimization of casino sites is expensive.
Today, digital marketing built on the use of honest SEO contains the next approaches:

1. Avoid mistakes in content (e.g., create the H1, H2, H3 headings in the right order.) Provide short paragraphs, and don't forget the “Alt” attributes when placing pictures. Stick to the classic basics of SEO, which will ensure the success of your business.
2. Use Ahrefs, UberSuggest, Keyword Planner, and Semrush to find competitive keywords. Thumb rule: lesser the KD%, lesser is the competition.
3. Use search and Google Trends to find relevant topics for your content. Check out the “People also ask” section.
4. Use Google Pagespeed Insights to understand website performance. Optimize page playback speed. So, according to statistics, 50% of Internet users expect web page load times of less than 2 seconds. 
5. Don't forget about the mobile version of the site.
6. Try running a silo structure, a hierarchy where the main page is linked to other pages. Apply an extensive system of internal links.
7. Check your Robots.txt and HTACCESS files if erroneously some of your pages are marked as not to be indexed.
8. Conduct a regular audit of the website.

If you wonder how to promote an online casino, you probably already know the answer yourself. Search engines do not rank stale content, so update it regularly. For this purpose, a blog with descriptions of the best tactics to win, new products that have just entered the market, trends, and news will be perfect.

Kickstart an affiliate program

Gambling affiliate networks connect publishers with an online casino affiliate program to promote related offers. Affiliate marketers will promote your businesses' products. After the sale, they receive a reward. They help operators reach the most relevant audience by encouraging them to click on the link and start playing. Let's talk more about how to find affiliate partners.

To find the right partners, you should first identify them. For example, some media platforms ( AskGambler , AffPapa ) are quite able to provide your website with high traffic. That also includes trimmers that increase brand awareness. They are active and usually find potential customers on social platforms (Twitch or YouTube Live). Bloggers can also direct the audience to your webpage. Influencers often use LinkedIn or TikTok for this purpose. Pay attention to B2B resellers, who often work on an “invite a friend” basis.

One of the most common deals with marketers is CPA - cost per acquisition. They ask for $0.50 – $20 per CPA offer , but it may depend on your market segment. You may also utilize FTD commission and revenue-share types. The first option involves receiving a reward only after making a deposit. The second type implies that operators set a commission plan. So, the launch of affiliate casino programs is quite a prevalent phenomenon and helps online businesses develop.

Be active in social media

The gambling market is highly regulated, making it even more challenging for companies to find new clients. Nevertheless, no one has canceled social media promotion - creating hype around new products will lead to popularity. For instance, 888 Casino has used this strategy to draw attention to blackjack. They recommended the game as “the next big thing” on various big platforms (Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube). So, let's examine some basic strategies to understand how to promote a gambling business.

1. Create a real hype and buzz around your games applying ads. Increase engagement rates by segmenting your audience into more loyal demographic groups.
2. Share your knowledge in your posts. Don't forget to update content and follow trends.
3. Be yourself. Do you remember we talked about brand personality? In online casino marketing, this approach is more relevant than ever because it implies that the visitor gets a unique experience of interacting with the site.

In general, social media offers an excellent opportunity for a company to find a target audience, increase brand credibility and stand out from the crowd.

Make your users a newsletter readers

As mentioned earlier, a blog is a great way to grab a user's attention and build brand credibility. Among other things, the extension of the session encourages the visitor to play and try the described tactics of the game. But another equally important aspect of casino marketing strategy is the creation of an email newsletter, which will cause the reader a genuine delight.

Yes, yes, don't discount email marketing. It still provides companies with a potential ROI of $44 for every $1 spent . To keep your subscribers up to date, you should take the following steps:

1. Make sure your newsletter is skimmable and scrollable. For example, you should avoid mistakes and unnecessary gaps to reduce visual clutter. Take care of the design of your letters and don't forget to write an unusual subject line. As the world becomes more mobile, remember that your emails will be opened on a smartphone most of the time. So take care of your users by giving them quick access to the newsletter.
2. Be concise and exciting. No one wants to delve into the long read with lots of water and dry statistics. So before you send your letter, test its readability on other people.
3. Create a relevant newsletter but not an advertising one. More and more users avoid aggressive and intrusive advertising - our advice is to create personalized, intelligent messages that are a relevant complement to their own opinions.
4. Use A/B testing to find out what content your target audience prefers.
5. Don't forget the call-to-action (CTA): make it more visible and clickable.
6. Utilize existing content by simply updating it. Apply media files that can increase click-through rates by 300%.
7. Make your letter easily recognizable: branding, sending schedules, email subject line emoji, and more can be the hallmark of your emails.

It will be easier to promote the gambling business by resorting to the described techniques. Highlight a reader or client in your newsletter to help subscribers feel included!

online gambling promotion

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Provide bonuses to upsell

Bonuses are often the key to increasing opt-ins. For example, by implementing the program “invite a friend,” you can get a bigger number of users, paying a small price. Remember: everyone loves bonuses. They can be limited to time-limiting promotions, encouraging users to take action faster. Utilize the following casino marketing ideas to think through the bonus system effectively:

1. Start with a survey. Ask what your audience prefers as a bonus.
2. Determine what bonuses you are willing to implement and under what conditions. For instance, you give something to a user after their subscription or a friend’s invitation.
3. Create a landing page with a description of the purchase and the following bonuses.
4. Practice an email newsletter that reiterates the reasons why it's worth contacting you.

Remember, it is not always worth using discounts in the gambling business. And here's why. You are dumping, respectively, by lowering prices, forcing other market players to undercut prices. Over time, your business will come to naught as your earnings will drop significantly in value.

Keep an eye on competitors

When starting a business in online gambling, it is essential to monitor trends. And it's much easier to do this by using your competitors' pages. For example, if you're looking for high-frequency keywords - look them up from your competitors. Having more than one provider of similar services will help expand your business and provide a more relevant assortment for potential customers.
Why not offer cooperation on equal terms to your competitor when it comes to casino affiliate programs? Indeed, many large companies have recently resorted  to a strategy to preserve the company. Of course, the practice of merging is not always appropriate if you want autonomy, but taking advantages and adding disadvantages is the foundation of any business. After all, your competitors are fighting for the right to live with the same people you do.


Many companies had to rethink their management strategies to stay afloat in online gambling in such difficult times. For instance, the site's authenticity and gambling have become more critical than ever before. The constant struggle for survival sometimes overlooks the fundamentals: SEO, email newsletters, bonuses, affiliate programs, etc. They are the ones who help develop the website, move forward without paying attention to the difficulties, and stay sane when running the casino business.

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