Red Door Roulette by Evolution Gaming: features, rules, stats, and results

March 2024, 12

Casino game developers never cease to amaze gamblers, creating engaging entertainment mixing classic rules, advanced technologies, mini bonus rounds, and outstanding design. Evolution announced the launch of Red Door Roulette online in November 2023, combining their two popular products, Crazy Time and Lightning Wheel. It is the third hybrid solution in the software company’s portfolio, which quickly gained popularity among fans of live broadcasting.
In this guide, we’ll dive into the game principles and learn some tips online customers use for better outcomes.

Red Door Roulette At A Glance

A small room framed red and golden with a tiny roulette wheel, a giant single-reel slot on the wall, and a strange door behind the croupier's back - that’s what an online visitor sees entering the game. Just like in the simplest version of the entertainment, gamblers can bet on any color or number and get a reward if they guess the outcome right and a ball stops at a chosen cell. Still, some advancements bring extra engagement and new experiences to the established process:

* Straight-up bets are the simplest in online roulette games broadcasted by casino studios. Users place them on a single number and receive a 35:1 payout in case of a favorable outcome. These wagers give the highest prize but remain the hardest to hit.

Red Door Biggest Wins

The latest largest payout happened on February 1, 2024. Users who staked on 28 got a 4000x multiplier on their results. Generally, the highest wins appeared often enough during December 2023. We made up the Top 10 table with the most outstanding Red Door Game prizes.


Winning number




February 1, 2024





January 13, 2023





December 22, 2023





December 16, 2023





December 13, 2023





December 9, 2023





December 5, 2023





December 4, 2023





December 2, 2023





January 19, 2024






If you are interested in how these wins appeared, you may watch recorded clips to ensure the game's fairness. Customers often use these data to develop their own gambling strategies and increase winning chances. But, in fact, the results can’t be predicted because every number is randomly generated.

How Red Door Roulette Works?

Like in any real money entertainment, players should start by placing their stakes on the virtual table. The program accepts odd/even, black/red, and wagers. But to trigger the Bonus round, it’s worth choosing straight-up ones. Users have several seconds to decide. When the time runs out, a presenter spins a single reel slot with numbers from three to fifteen.
Randomly chosen by the RNG, the symbol indicates how many Keys will land on the betting table and which multiplier they will receive. Virtual customers see the entire picture on their screens.
Now, it's time to activate the online casino roulette. When the ball stops on a pocket without a key, players who bet on this number receive a payout according to the standard paytable . The only exceptions are straight-up bets with an adjusted value of 19:1.
If the result contains a colorful key, the gambling adventure starts . A croupier walks through the Red Door to launch a Bonus game. Now, customers are immersed in a virtual world with a picturesque background (just like in the Willy Wonka movie) and a large multi-sectoral wheel at its core. The presenter presses a red button and forces the spinning. When the motion stops, several outcomes may occur:

All the casino customers who qualify for the bonus session receive the same rewards. Their exact values depend on the bet size.

Red Door Roulette Strategy and Tactics

The end goal of the game is reaching the Crazy Time Round. That’s the main reason why millions of customers choose this product over European and American classic variations. The Bonus round has a high variance, so it may take significant investments in the long run before you earn something valuable. In this part of our guide, we’ll discover some failed bets and learn about the online roulette strategy that works in customers’ favor.

Wagering on all  

Some gamblers place a stake on every single number (37 in total) to get a 100% result. And they win for sure, getting the payout of 19:1. But they ultimately lose 18 times their bet. So, such an approach isn’t lucrative, and you should avoid it. 

Staking on half the grid

Another Red Door Roulette strategy implies wagering on half of the total numbers. That’s 19 positions. If you win, you’ll return 19:1. Chances are 50:50. In case of a positive outcome, you’ll break even. But if you get several losses in a row, that can be harmful to the budget. Such a method suits gamblers with a decent bankroll.

Betting on ⅓

Those customers who want a 33% chance of hitting the prize may stake on any 13 units. The same payout of 19:1 will give a small reward. Again, no one is insured from frequent losses. But everyone may analyze how often this online roulette tactic works. Start with a small stake and compile your own statistics. Those players who have no desire to spend real money can simply launch a free demo European version and check the approach for free.


Red Door Roulette Results and Statistics Tracker

Before every game, casino clients can explore previous spins. Five hundred last results indicate when the win happened, which number was profitable, and what bet types or wheel sections were distributed. Still, the live roulette statistics can’t tell how many keys were assigned to the betting grid.
The Outcomes Tracker is suitable for analyzing past online broadcasts. But its data doesn’t provide clear insights into what will happen in the future. Some gamblers prefer to have an approach to playing. They search for hot and cold numbers* and build tactics according to the results table.
Such preparation gives an illusion of control over the game. However, in reality, no best online roulette strategy can guarantee a 100% win. It all depends on luck. The most crucial thing users can do is manage their bankrolls, avoid overspending, and wager responsibly (just like we’ve described above).
*For players who don’t know, hot numbers are the ones that frequently come on the wheel. Cold are those that haven’t dropped for a long time. Looking at the game’s history, we can notice that 10 landed 2 times during the last two months. So, compared to other top 10 wins, it's a hot position. Again, there’s no evidence it will appear in the nearest sessions.


Red Door Roulette by Evolution is an example of implementing fresh ideas into the classic and routine casino product assortment to increase game traffic and maintain retention. Suppose your gambling platform also requires innovations to keep up with the times and utilize the latest industry trends. In that case, consider developing hybrid games with diverse features, multiplier meters, exciting bonus rounds, and much more.
Instead of using other providers’ solutions, you may order custom development of top-notch slot, blackjack, and online roulette game mechanics at a leverage price. Proven software companies like NonStop will help emerging casino websites enhance user experience, strengthen service, popularize your brand, and create ongoing relationships with clients.

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