A checklist for choosing a reliable white label casino games developers

April 2022, 28

In the iGaming industry, the white labeling business model has become a quick fix for many newcomers. But how reliable is it, and how to find the best one among the significant number of service providers? This is what we will talk about in this guide.
White label casino games are considered an excellent possibility for those who want to launch a business in a short time and have fewer expenses compared to a standalone casino . Imagine working under the wing of a larger, more reputable company willing to take on the total seriousness of responsibility for many aspects of your business. A unique project that can support itself will bring you an unprecedented income while not burdening you with problem areas, such as development, support, or updating. Instead of trial and error, cooperation with casino game development companies may be more fruitful: A turnkey script is a product sold in a ready-to-use condition. It has already been tested for bugs and fully meets the target audience's needs. In addition, such a product does not need to be optimized - you get an out-of-the-box cross-platform solution that can run on any OS.
Getting an entirely working product is already a great privilege - you don't have to worry about licenses , various integrations, and even platform design because the provider will take care of that. Implementing multilingual settings or securing multi-currency transactions will probably be your priorities if you plan to diversify the business. But this is not a problem because the developers' possibilities are almost endless, and the white label software is just an ideal stepping stone to making your digital casino. Keep on reading to learn how to find a reliable supplier who will maintain high standards and fully meet customers' needs.

Collect a list of most popular casino game developers

The global gambling market is anticipated to be valued at more than $92.9 billion in 2023. The critical factor of such an increase in demand was the availability of online gambling and the changing consumers' lifestyles. Because of the pandemic of Covid-19, people had to spend more time at home. As the physical points of the casino (horse racing, sports betting, cafes with gaming machines) have closed, it turned out that 64% of visitors began to spend more time and money in this area. Nevertheless, most income entrepreneurs have received from mobile betting in recent years. It is expected to increase to $53.755 million by 2025 with an average CAGR of 10.7%, increasing user interest in the industry and its development. The new products will grow every year, so you should consider many factors contributing to business development. For example, identify the most popular game genres, mechanics, plot, characters, and intended gameplay. You definitely can not do it without professionals, mainly if you are an amateur and do not know where to start.

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How do you know whom you want?

So, there is an exceptional caste of online casino games developers who make exciting products based on audience preferences. Usually, hiring a top-notch team is quite expensive because it involves an imminent struggle with competitors for professionals. In addition, when hiring staff to develop such solutions, you may face criticism of this kind of occupation, rejection, and even scandal. Yes, the topic of gambling is indeed a burning issue for most people. However, this sphere is an integral part of the economy of many countries, and high taxation only helps to upset the infrastructure of cities.
To find a team, you should first focus on the game project vision and what technologies will be used. That will help determine the developers' experience and formulate specific requirements for the future product. As a rule, you will need specialists working with game engines, like Unity and Unreal , corresponding programming languages - C#, C++, JavaScript, Python, and expertise related to graphics. Typically, the development team should have competencies in the following areas:

The amount of personnel depends directly on the complexity of the schedule. Nevertheless, you have all the chances to become the second Dong Nguyen who developed a habit-forming app called Flappy Bird. If you decide to use turnkey services, you should pay attention to the following aspects:
1. Availability of licensed software content.
2. An assortment of affordable options .
3. Consideration of individual preferences.
4. The company's reputation in the market.
5. Qualifications of experts.
6. Feedback from customers. 

Where to find online casino game developers?

There are a few ways to find talent:

Let's say you start searching communities like TIGSource or IndieDB. You may assess applicants' profiles and skills, but you are putting your business at risk because of a lack of verification. For instance, unreliable suppliers can at any time set you up, disrupting the release date of the product or making something that does not meet your requirements. Or Develteam, a free website for recruiting team members. Projects usually published here are designed for small budgets and are more suitable for hiring experts in independent games.
Upwork and TopTal position themselves as a network of freelancers and give a complete picture of specialists. You may view the portfolio or see the skills of a specialist by inviting him for an interview. But such cooperation is better suited for small projects and teams.
On the other hand, white-label offerings won't make you wait long for the finished game. Usually, these companies have a pool of ready-made solutions and can customize them following the individual wishes of consumers. This is very convenient, especially if you want to launch a business in the shortest period. Of course, your products may be similar to the competition, but a reliable supplier will always consider your wishes and improve them.
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Read reviews

Public opinion shapes brand reputation online: entrepreneurs increasingly turn to reviews to pursue the ideal specialist. Both offline referrals and online reviews can be vital to any business trying to maintain control over its customer base and outperform its competitors. If you're trying to find a team, focus on analyzing specialist profiles. It may be helpful to make a table with specialization, experience, skills, salary expectations, and comments columns to find the right one among many candidates.
By studying casino games developers' reviews, you may analyze how reliable the service providers are, how many companies have decided to cooperate with them, the privileges and limitations of the work done, how high quality the items are, and the result of its launch in the market.
The search for personnel is like market research: entrepreneurs are consumers of services in selecting personnel. Consequently, 88% of the time, they will trust the opinions of others and make an informed choice. In this case, advertising tricks will be hopelessly ignored: word of mouth will go, which helps get an accurate picture of the skills.

Ask questions that address your particular business needs

As in marriage, business partnerships often begin with enthusiasm or high expectations but sometimes end in resentment, hostility, and even “shipwreck.” You should ask a few basic questions about your possible service provider and your online casino business needs. 

It would help if you did not interact with those who do not have the ability and capacity to cover all business requirements. You can find a brand with access to the market and good connections. 

To get a concept of the capabilities of your partners, do not hesitate to search the Internet for more information about their financial situation, debts, tax statements, and of course, information about the brand and its employees. Well prepared for the conversation, ask the same question directly, comparing it with the data you previously studied.

Because a business relationship involves an equal effort to maintain a healthy relationship, you need to understand the expectations of your service providers. Compare their answers with such facts of negative and positive experiences that you learned about in the reviews. That way, you can give a response to the first question.

If the specialist does not care what to do and what to develop, probably, this cooperation can be harmful to both parties. That's why choosing a motivated team willing to go out of their way to make a unique white label product, test it, and launch it on time causes a stir. After all, as in any other business, the project undergoes many changes during development, which only enthusiastic people can cope with.

Launching a new product is always associated with haste, heavy workload, worries, and quarrels. Choosing a developer, pay attention to how psychologically stable he is and his experience in stressful situations such as additional tasks or payment. This question is so sensitive that it would be hard for you to understand who you are dealing with without analyzing the person's reactions. In addition, one of the basic rules of project management is the prevention of possible risks by analyzing and drawing up scenarios of possible situations and their solutions.
Partnerships are permanently sealed with a handshake and, of course, with the signing of a contract. So put down on paper all the most critical points, agreeing on them in advance - this will be a material confirmation of the intentions of both parties and a guarantee that the stipulated agreements will be fulfilled.
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Maintenance of the ready products

The very word “support” implies an ongoing relationship with someone. That means a team of developers must be 24/7 in touch, and if any difficulties or breakdowns arise, they will quickly solve them. That is also the supply of regular software updates and even an individual approach to each client. Since technology has become the main direction in the 21st century, it is impossible to imagine how to maintain an online casino without delivering new games or expanding the functionality (e.g., the introduction of multilingualism or multi-currency, which we have already mentioned before).
Product maintenance focuses on the same tools and knowledge that customers need to get the most out of the goods (have improved gambling graphics, offline access, etc.) By maintaining a 24/7 business ecosystem, you can achieve better service results and increase the audience's trust in your brand. Everyone is annoyed by long service desk answers or a wrong attitude to the customer who does not understand something. As competition in the online gambling market grows, support has a high priority for the user.
But it would help if you didn't confuse product and customer support. Let us discuss this further.

Customer service and support

77% of customers are likely to recommend a company after a positive interaction with it. About 62% of users in the U.S. note the importance of quality customer service, which affects the interaction with the brand.
Since technology is the foundation of any online business, simple solutions will not be enough. Users want to be confident in their safety and happy with their purchase while leaving high expectations for customer service. To create an excellent online casino customer service, ask yourself the following questions:

In general, the essence of product support is to get the most out of the product.


As technology becomes more complex, search for highly qualified people to bring it to life. Of course, you may create your product from scratch, but we advise you to use a white label strategy for quick results. Professionals with a pool of universal games and functionalities can easily supplement them with unique solutions and come out winners. This article looked at how to choose a casino game provider and why customer and product support are so important.

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