A Cost-Effective Strategy to Build White Label Casino

September 2021, 20
white label casino cost

Humans have always been keen on games – a trait that earned us the moniker of a Playing Man, or Homo Ludens, which scientists use to describe our obsession with this kind of leisure-time activity. And if a certain sum of money is at stake, the game acquires a tinge of adrenalin-rich excitement many of us enjoy so much. Thus, it is no wonder that gambling is widely practiced all over the globe by both average thrill-seekers and seasoned punters who manage to turn it into a source of steady income.
In the post-COVID digitally-driven world, brick-and-mortar gambling venues are being increasingly ousted by virtual ventures, which gives a powerful boost to the market of online casino software . Making extensive use of the products of casino game development , astute entrepreneurs invest prodigious capitals into iGaming projects expecting a solid ROI. Among a variety of iGaming models, calculating businessmen often opt for casino white label solutions.

Optimal for a No-frills Start: White Label Casino Solutions

While being a lucrative endeavor, online casinos are quite a bother to kick off. You have to register all necessary papers, procure a gambling license, commission a site, make sure it complies with all your expectations and requirements, enlist the services of a hosting provider, integrate an online casino payment system, and attend to a dozen other errands that accompany launching such a serious venture. On top of all these ordeals, you will have to pay through the nose for entering into a franchise, buying a functioning online casino, or developing an original gambling website from scratch. 
A white label online casino solution as an alternative to these pricey options is a totally different story. For once, you will save a lot. Of course, no one speaks here of free white label casino software since any commodity comes at a price. However, white label casino solutions price will be a pleasant surprise for you. So, if you decide to build white label casino low-cost but high-quality item is what you are going to get.
Besides, most of the worries and red-tape procedures that are sure to inflict you as an independent online casino owner are rendered irrelevant once you address a white label solution company to build white label casino online for you. Moreover, having paid the white label casino price, you get a ready-made product that can be put into operation in a couple of weeks. This term seems a minute trifle if we compare it to a turnkey online casino that can take up to a year to develop and start yielding profits.
The entire process of acquiring a white label solution is very much similar to buying any other digital product online. Yet, there are some coal-and-ice details you should pay attention to in order to avoid possible pitfalls on the road to a financial bonanza.

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Setting up a White Label Casino: A Foolproof Algorithm to Follow

Here are five simple steps we recommend taking while launching a white label casino.

  1. Begin with Games

It is like making up a grocery list before taking a shopping trip to the mall. You should have a clear vision of the roster of games you would like to offer to your customers. You don’t have such a vision? Well, make your mind about them. It is a bad idea to go by your personal preferences – you should rather steer by the success stories of your future competitors. Do a little research to discover what is trendy now and which of these games are likely to bring the largest revenues. 
Once you have such a list handy, check out companies that create white label casino software to see whether the games of your dream are available in the package they offer. To make double sure, give them a call (and you will see if their support team is up to the mark – two birds with one stone!).
  1. Take Thought for Licenses

Conventionally, the white label casino cost includes compliance with current regulations, which means relevant licenses and permits necessary for the casino to function within the limits stipulated by the law. However, the legislations of various countries treat gambling differently – from a total ban to free white label online casino (or any other gambling venture) operation. To make matters more complicated, some governments allowing the functioning of gambling institutions in concept impose a number of limitations on their working mode.
Naturally, you must make sure the white label software provider of your choice possesses all licenses valid for the jurisdictions where you plan to pursue gambling business to forestall any legal issues or facing an outright prohibition.
  1. Mind Payment Methods

These should also be selected with a view to the area where your online punters will hail from. While major methods are pretty much universal, local preferences must be taken into account as well. For instance, in some countries, certain credit cards aren’t available as online casino payment means (like Visa and Mastercard in Germany or pre-paid Paysafe Card in the USA). Other countries have their unique payment options: the Chinese would readily deposit and withdraw using WeChat Pay app whereas in Brazil gamblers are sure to intensely employ Boleto Bancario.
  1. Select a Solution from a Reliable Vendor

Even when you have lighted upon a solution that suits you to a tee, don’t hurry to cinch the deal. Remember that you aren’t so much buying a product but rather buying from a vendor. Peruse reviews of previous customers and current software users, look out for references or any other information that can help you shape a comprehensive picture of the vendor’s products and quality of service.
In case several providers offer identical items, choose the one that extends some perks, such as an affiliate system, a CRM, or a set of marketing tools. A customer service team (if they have one) would be a tremendous boon.
  1. Follow up on the Launch with Promotion

As soon as your online casino starts functioning, it doesn’t mean you can rest on the oars and just open your coffers wide to reap revenues aplenty. In fact, there will be no revenues unless you unleash a robust marketing campaign. Its overarching aim is to let punters know about your site and attract them in droves by a wide array of games, smooth operation, secure depositing and withdrawing, and minimal commission fees.

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Summing It up

White label casino is an extremely convenient, no-sweat, and cost-effective mode of setting up a gambling website using a ready-made high-quality iGaming solution. You can save even more by enlisting the services of Multi-Programming Solutions – an expert in game development that can deliver a top-notch product at an affordable price.

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