What Team Do You Need to Run Your Own Online Casino Business?

October 2021, 18
online casino teams

To ensure the stable operation of a successful online casino, it is necessary to have competent and qualified staff. The staff of an official casino needs to include representatives of at least seven professions. So what kind of employees do you need and where to find them?

List of Mandatory Casino Staff Positions

Software developers

Online casino software developers are responsible for creating a large selection of games, which is the main component of any online casino. You need a lot of games to keep your guests interested: slots, card and tabletop games, live dealer games, dozens of virtual sports to bet on, etc. To save money on hiring your own in-house developer though, you can turn to established online casino software providers.


Ideally, a gambling platform is designed by a professional who specializes in online gambling.
Those casinos that have cool online casino designers by their side enjoy the most success. This is because they know how to make the player's stay at the casino as comfortable and pleasant as possible, including thoughtful design of the games. These are the websites players come back to again and again, occasionally bringing their friends along.
If you have your sights set on success, look for professional casino game designers. After all, it's better to choose a strategy that is sure to be profitable than take a gamble (pun not intended).

Technical team

Online casino support makes sure that the website runs smoothly 24/7. Technical support is the department responsible for dealing with all technical processes and equipment, software failures, server or hosting errors, and any problems a player might encounter while using the online casino platform. And, of course, the technical team makes sure that the payment gateways are working properly. The operators cannot allow any glitches to occur, whether it is the transfer of payments or the game itself because that is what annoys players the most.

Financial staff

These professionals are responsible for all internal and external financial processes. Professional accountants and financiers will take care of the company's budget. They will also take part in closing the deals and evaluating the financial development of your online casino. Accountants need to possess knowledge and skills in banking and payment systems, as well as knowledge of tax and financial legislation. Of course, it is not always easy to find great professionals, but it’s quite possible if you talk to other people in the industry and ask for recommendations.

Content writers

Texts written by experienced copywriters increase the brand confidence of potential customers and help new players get a grasp on the platform. Grammatically correct, striking texts ensure more trust.

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Marketing and advertising specialists

The marketing department deals with the promotion of the casino. To begin with, you need to develop a well-thought-out marketing strategy, and it is better to do this before you launch the project. Online casino marketing specialists will take care of the promotion using various tools such as SEO optimization, email marketing, social media, affiliate marketing programs. etc.
This team will decide what bonuses to offer to players and share ideas on how to improve conversion rates and player retention, which will affect the efficiency and profitability of the project. Promoting an online casino is not an easy task - it requires knowledge and skills as this field is very competitive.

Customer team

Providing a full cycle of player service, customer support agents are the link between the players and the platform. They enhance the gaming experience and provide support to the players.

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If you want to run your own online casino, keep in mind a number of pitfalls and financial costs, but with the right approach it can bring high profits. Most importantly, do not forget about the special gambling license. To avoid going bankrupt at the start, you will need to take a careful approach to staff recruitment. We also suggest checking out another useful article about starting an online casino.


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