For casino owners: why should you think about streamers?

October 2022, 25

You might already know about gambling Twitch streaming from your rivals or news lines. This niche is definitely gaining popularity daily. Even now, while you are reading this article, some influencers promote little-known operators and grow their website traffic step by step.
If you also want to learn how such affiliate partners can benefit you, it is the right place to start your research. We’ll talk about the advantages of casino games broadcasting and show one of the effective ways of qualitative and quantitative iGaming business scaling .

Who is a streamer in an online casino?

Some people confuse the concept of “streamer” with a live dealer, but it’s quite a different story. You could also hear about game broadcasting while playing computer games, like Call of Duty or Fortnite. So casino streaming is the same thing. Gamblers translate their actions to subscribers while spinning reels, collecting cards in baccarat, etc.
This kind of entertainment (and an effective promotional campaign for iGaming platform owners) is trendy among Twitch users. Providers widely use casino streamers' content for advertising their brand, get more benefits from white-label products and attract new clients to the site. Live projects are accurately targeted. They allow reaching local audiences familiar with online games for real money and expand the company's popularity globally (depending on the influencer coverage area).
What do online casino streamers use to transmit videos? Their “tools” set is quite simple: a gadget, web camera, earphones with a microphone, and a program like Open Broadcast Software to share their screens actions live. Watchers can estimate a trial of an appropriate slot, feel the adrenalin, and emphasize players' wins or losses. As a result, customers become more confident and free to start wagering an advertised game because they already know the rules and possible perspectives and are convinced that online gambling casinos really pay rewards.
This approach is a perfect way for operators to promote platforms, as it becomes more difficult and expensive to highlight their products among the significant diversity of digital entertainment. Casino influencer marketing is oriented toward a suitable audience and helps to spend entrepreneurs' budgets wisely.

How to find a reliable influencer for streaming?

Players willing to monetize their Twitch profile appear every day. As broadcasting stakes is a relatively new field of activity, the landscape is constantly changing. So the issue of finding the best gambling streamer, inspiring confidence, is hugely in demand. While searching for an online partner who will record your games, casino owners should look at three basic options:

In addition to the described criteria, casino owners should appreciate how a gambling Twitch streamer works. Examine his records or watch similar live videos to ensure you’ll make the right choice. Check whether a partner places a schedule for future broadcasts to notify followers to connect in time.
Consider extra expenses if an influencer will play your live streamers slot at higher bets. It will rush the viewers' adrenalin and show an excellent example for future casino clients to follow.
Let’s talk about cost issues a little deeper. So keep reading to get more details.

The question of price or a mutually beneficial collaboration

Some operators may think of how to organize streamers' partnerships. Perhaps, you will not use their services on a stable basis. That’s why there is no need to hire influencers for your company staff. That might be costly and won’t necessarily suit future needs, even if affiliates are relevant to current casino owners’ goals.
Collaborating with multiple mobile game streamers and obtaining different marketing efforts would be a better approach. Thus, each partner will cover an appropriate target audience, like poker or slot lovers, low-cost casino players, or high-rollers. In addition, several influencers will provide a video broadcasting focused on a specific product, market, or local preferences.
Casino owners should primarily determine what objectives they pursue. For example, online streaming can be directed toward solving such issues as improving the customers' experience (CX) and increasing the retention level for local clients. In this case, operators' expenses can be lower.
Vice versa, you'll have to find foreign streamers to spread your brand's popularity worldwide. They will convey content to various geographical areas, using the local language, conversation specifics, and other characteristics. Depending on the growth scale , expenses can be much higher than those oriented on the internal market. But of course, you can start to conquer a single new country in the beginning, using Google Analytics to define the most prospective one. The report will show locations where your gambling site is visited more often.
Alternatively to multiple online gambling streamers partnership, casino owners may consider a variant to cooperate with one famous person with a large international following.
As a side effort, providers may enter into short-term deals with influencers to focus on specific events, such as tournaments, unique propositions for casino anniversaries, holiday promos, etc. Additionally, broadcasters can wear printed t-shirts with the brands’ color, logotype, or name. That will make a website recognizable among followers.
Streamers are also willing to cooperate with a digital casino to get additional rewards and widen a subscriber’s list. How do gambling streamers make money? They are paid for playing games or the attracted clients' percentage. If the iGaming operator is popular enough, he may bring higher income from the partnership. On the other hand, active gamblers could already have an account on notable platforms, and growing their traffic with local visitors can become challenging. In this case, collaborating with smaller companies will be more suitable and productive.



Promoting a product within an increasingly competitive iGaming market is becoming more difficult nowadays. But in partnership with popular gambling streamers, providers can interest the direct target audience by improving their CX. In addition, live influencers broadcasting will help to present new products successfully and keep customers' engagement high.
For those casinos that overgrow their popularity within the native country, cooperation with foreign influencers may popularize a website brand globally and open new sources for attracting traffic. It is one of the vital differences between online and traditional gambling promotional campaigns, which suggest more opportunities.
Also, it’s crucial to audit the influencers' effectiveness, content presentation skills, and the subscribers' quantity to ensure your investments would bear good fruit.

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