How to Make a Poker Face and Become One of the Best Online Casino Sites

September 2022, 13


Digital casino variety allows gamblers to choose a platform carefully and meticulously. So operators have a lot of work before catching customers to join them. Primary efforts usually concentrate on marketing and promotions, attracting quality traffic to gambling, and defeating competitors. Later, casino owners’ goals may widen to solutions that make leads stay. And here, investments begin to bring desired rewards.
Numerous factors contribute to users’ choice, including first impressions from gaming sites, sign-up and payment simplicity, withdrawal limits, and the games assortment. So let’s find out how to start your own online casino in 2022 and provide an excellent customer experience, considering the described nuances.

List of the best online gambling service providers

Customers typically get used to one provider because they see more reliability and opportunities. At the same time, it is sometimes difficult to disperse attention to several websites because even conditional bonuses or large prizes can play a cruel trick. That’s what clients consider when selecting the one and only website to play from thousands of options.
Broad entertaining content will appeal to the majority of visitors, for sure. But operators shouldn’t base their selection on developers’ numbers only. A gaming portfolio requires costs , so you should make investments wisely. Today, providers compete in graphics quality, themes uniqueness, and gamblers’ experience while creating their products. MPS editorial board has compiled the list of online casino software developers to partner with in 2022.

Pragmatic Play

This iGaming vendor has got the “Casino & Games Supplier of the Year” reward in 2021, ensuring their products’ fairness and RNG suitability. The company has over seven years of productive work and 200+ games in its portfolio. Their content is available in 31 languages and has been successfully integrated by operators from over 20 countries like UK, Bahamas, Malta, USA, and Gibraltar. Pragmatic Play develops high-quality games which accept cryptocurrency payments.


A Bulgarian provider entered the gambling world with its brick-and-mortar casino in 2002. Following the need for digitalization, the company has moved to a virtual platform and reached significant achievements in creating online slots, roulette, and table games. During 20 years of functioning, EGT has become recognizable in more than 90 jurisdictions and opened 26 offices worldwide.


2023 - is the year when the iGaming company will celebrate its 30th anniversary. That’s impressive, considering its path from land-based counterparts to digital content. The provider continues to promote brick-and-mortar entertainment, transferring game approaches and values into the virtual space. Amatic products are close in storyline and design to their real-world mechanisms, which makes the company stand out from the crowd.


It is one of the fastest growing gambling software companies, launched in 2014 and working under the Malta online gambling license. The provider helps operators to reach clients with a poor internet connection by selling light and fast-loading games. Usually, Spinomenal announces at least 1 or 2 new developments per month. The vendor stays relevant and follows innovative technologies to keep up with the times.
These big names can improve casino providers’ lineup and boost your iGaming brand despite its scale or target audience. But is there any advice on how to choose an online casino service provider? It’s worth starting with calculating your budget and writing long-term goals. Companies that can satisfy your multiple needs in product assortment, security, legality, support, and scalability will be in priority. Such white label providers as NonStop will also be helpful if you want to establish a customizable gambling platform or build your own casino game at an affordable price.
And some other tips and tricks to start casinos that will bring profit are described in the next chapter. Soon you’ll learn the main features that make a gambling site attractive for clients.

What is the secret of all popular online platforms?

Googling “best online casino 2022”, one can face hundreds of results with reliable iGaming operators. Their websites vary by visual performance and content, but a few common characteristics brought them to the top. So let’s figure out how to start an online casino and join the rank of best gambling platforms practices, considering vital factors of triumph.


Gamblers welcome both classic and out-of-ordinary website interfaces. But if the page meets the following rules, it begins your online casino success story:

Variety of entertainments

People appreciate the choice. So the more categories and types you propose, the bigger audience a casino can gather. It would be perfect to suggest a few well-known developers’ products, some innovations, like a poker game with a unique UI and live dealer tables. This combination is often enough to start an online gambling site at a highly competitive level.

Payment options

As with games, variety of financial operations grows the customer base. And vice versa, if clients won’t find a suitable system, they may just leave your site. Here, the withdrawal issue can be more critical than the deposit one. Players want to take their money as fast as possible. So methods allowing immediate cash transfer, like cryptocurrency, are the task to think about for casino operators.

Live Chat 

24/7 technical support is an option worth its investment. Clients feel more comfortable and safe, having the possibility to contact managers on any issue and get an answer within 1-2 minutes. Moreover, specialists’ skills should be enough to solve the most complex situation patiently and tactfully.


Even if you made a perfectly designed gambling site, no one would know it without a good marketing campaign. Law regulators allow advertising online casinos with some restrictions, so don’t lose a chance to reach customers wherever they are. Consider your iGaming platform promotion through multiple channels to find a better way to increase traffic.
All the described factors are essential to follow in your online casino business plan. But having a lack of knowledge or time in some spheres, you may choose a gambling games provider to outsource at least web design, payments, or technical service. With qualified help, your virtual establishment will benefit more, taking the top places in casino ratings.
How much money do you need to start an online casino? Every case is unique and depends on the type of license (around $15000), gaming package, and design development ($1000 and more). Marketing, staff expenses, etc., may also cause additional costs.
Step by step, you can build a profitable iGaming business. Of course, it might be challenging to keep the growing traffic and income dynamic. But hopefully, the following examples of everlasting popularity will cheer you up to apply all the online casino business opportunities to succeed.


How to create the same hype as in March Madness mecca

In the first spring month, all Americans pay close attention to the grand event, The NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament, where 68 college teams compete for the champion title. And March Madness gives equal opportunity for everyone to win.
Usually, many people attend Las Vegas casinos to place bets and participate in powerful performances. They don’t regret the money and time being a part of the so-called “Christmas for grown-ups.” Thus, Caesars Palace reported that all the VIP $2000 seats were quickly sold to bettors, and they were ready to have fun right at 6.15 a.m. And the number of national wagers on March Madness reached $3.1 billion. Amazing success!
All iGaming entrepreneurs dream of such achievements for their online casinos. Let’s figure out the key to such an event’s popularity. First, it’s several accessible games that visitors can participate in. Second, it’s excitement and the inability to accurately guess the winner because all the college teams have the same chances. Here all the bettors are equal in their predictions, too, so everyone can expect their stake to win. Third, it’s an opportunity to communicate with others on a common topic. And the last is an excellent user experience during the event.
Observing the March Madness success, we can note some wise approaches, allowing to attract an audience to the gambling site:

And of course, you shouldn’t forget about the marketing campaign. By investing in influencers’ advertisements or making free viral videos on TikTok, you can reach a multimillion audience which will form the client base.


Developing an online casino from scratch requires some knowledge and investments. If entrepreneurs don’t know where to begin, experienced providers will come to the rescue. They will handle all the issues with certified games range, financial process, support, and website design. And you may concentrate on promotions and target audience growth.
To keep the casino competitive, you should provide the best gaming impressions to the leads with a user-friendly website interface, fast runtime performance, quick withdrawals, and the possibility to choose entertainment types and payment systems . Although creating an iGaming platform requires costs, they may be quickly paid back with the increasing traffic.

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