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July 2022, 21

The iGaming market has been going through reforms in recent years. Almost every part of the world face diametrically opposed changes. So, since 2018, US online gambling news has been full of positive headlines about all restrictions removal on betting. Thereby, the casino and gaming industry has entered a recovery period in most states. The gambling business is rising, new operators present progressive solutions for players, and the iGaming contribution to the country's economy is welcome.
In the same period, Western Europe and the United Kingdom discuss the need to tighten legislation governing wagers. We have collected the latest online gambling news that has received the widest publicity and active public reaction. You may find these press releases instrumental, whether you are developing your casino platform from the ground up or continuing to work on improving your competitiveness in the world of gambling . An article will lighten some entrepreneurial mistakes and show why following the legislative act will benefit you more than trying to evade them.

Crackdown on exploiting advertising

Gambling advertising restrictions gradually spread around the world. However, the case of PlayOJO should serve as a beacon for online casino operators in terms of their ads’ correctness and appropriateness.
 One of the most talked online casino news 2022 is a complaint against PlayOJO that has been going on for already 7 months . So what is wrong with this operator? In 2021, the online casino launched an advertising campaign to predict winning and failing stakes (“hot”&“cold”) for players. And they could view games that had not given earnings for a long time, or vice versa did the opposite. This ad called on clients to join the ranks of numerous winners or try to generate lucky combinations at unprofitable slots.
The gaming commission named such casino actions irresponsible, with the potential to mislead a vulnerable part of players. A tarot card reader also spoiled the ship for a ha'porth of tar. The charlatan was guided by the forecasts of the PlayOJO operator in his predictions.
So, if the complaint will be granted, how will it affect other providers? Winning stake predictions will be limited. It is possible to reduce the maximum allowable bet sizes to eliminate the negative impact on users and the addiction progress. In any case, online casino owners should think about their advertisements’ content in legal frames .
In particular, 100% win guarantees and a chance to “change their fate” are not the best decision to attract players, because the Random Number Generator determines the stake’s outcome in most games. Keep your marketing boundaries in check, and monitor online casino news in the USA to avoid troubles with the law and lower the fine risk.

Compensation to users because of the pandemic

Huge fines for the “888” operator become another shocking article in the online sports gambling news in 2022. Their work during the pandemic caused significant harm to customers. Now the casino must pay £9.4 million in compensation to clients who stepped on the verge of ruin after interacting with the gaming portal. The company has not taken any action to create a favorable environment for its customers, despite the regulator’s warnings to tighten the check-up procedures for players.
According to online gambling legal news, “888” employees did not verify users’ documents, confirming their solvency. More precisely, such validation was possible after customers left more than £40,000 in the casino games. As a result, a client lost £37,000 in just 6 weeks of gambling at “888”.
Thus, the company may be deprived of a business license because its activities violate one of the law amendments - inspecting the clients’ financial stability. This criterion is one of the crucial factors for "healthy" gambling that does not cause consumers’ addiction, bankruptcy, and depression.

Are we facing a total ban on the use of advertising?

The previous scandalous online gambling news articles only confirmed the activists’ correctness, who favored tightening the wagering regulation. Tom Cotton, a senator from Arkansas introduced bill 3322 about the prevention of child-targeted advertising to avoid causing irreparable harm to people's lives.
On the eve of the FIFA World Cup 2022, the live promotion issue is especially relevant when the number of sites’ visitors is increasing . And although ITV was criticized for not banning gambling ads after 2020, for the time being, they are allowed 5 minutes before the start and after the match’s end (if the broadcast runs before 8 pm).
The latest online casino news states to raise public awareness of the possible threat to women's health as one of the vulnerable groups, not to be afraid to show up for help if people experience excessive gaming cravings and need support to overcome them. There are plenty of helpful resources to deal with addiction issues.
Will all advertising campaigns for gambling establishments be banned entirely? This issue is still up for discussion in the best casino gambling news online. The list of restrictions can expand significantly, including a tabu on:

The deputies call on the Gambling Commission to act more assertively and effectively in the fight against gambling’s harm. There might be a confident control over the gaming companies and their customer's relationships. Therefore, it is quite possible to expect a total ban on wagers’ promotions and other requirements forcing.
As for the online sports betting controversy in the USA, the government is unlikely to begin heavily restricting the growing industry’s advertising. Aaron Moore , the Professor at Rider University in Lawrence, N.J., came to this opinion. In turn, Larry Walters, a Florida lawyer, voices the need to limit gambling ads to minors and warns about the negative impact of gambling.


New rules regulating online casinos

The gaming companies’ inability or unwillingness to protect their customers from addiction and significant financial expenses has gone too far. Suppose, the operators are not able to solve the problem of their clients’ vulnerability by themselves. In this case, the regulator will give clear instructions, and failure to comply with them will result in penalties up to the deprivation of the company's license. Ray Lesniak, former New Jersey state senator, emphasizes, that the US has legislative power and must use it.
Operators had enough time to resolve the issue of providing secure gambling services. After all, rumors about a possible law tightening have been already circulating in the best online casino news for several years. Sites’ owners will have to reduce the risk of addiction among customers by following the next rules:

Providers, in addition to complying with the requirements of legal activities, will have to pay continuous attention to each customer and analyze whether their in-game actions lead to harm. Casino news daily reminds us that the entrepreneur's area of ​​responsibility will also include reviewing the psychological tricks used on the site. So, for example, you need to explain that if players “almost won” in the previous game’s round, their chances of winning in the next one do not increase at all.
It is also worth noting that the additional requirements for online casinos and bookmakers operators should not lead to illegal iGaming. After all, an unlicensed business has no prospects, inspires distrust in visitors and business partners, and obstructs attracting quality traffic . At the same time, law amendments should not restrict the rights and freedoms of people who practice safe and responsible gambling.


Studying the world’s gambling stories in 2022 can provide substantial food for thought. In particular, the other companies’ experience can tell you the right direction for business growth. As you can see, the gaming industry is functioning under the constant authorities’ control. Failure to comply with the law conditions can result in at least multimillion-dollar fines for you and, at the maximum - business license deprivation.
Ultimately, your activity’s goals should not only lay in generating income in any way but in building a healthy customer-centered ecosystem. By observing the law boundaries, your business can stay profitable and meet all the gambling business key performance indicators .

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