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August 2023, 07

Let’s not deny: the current gambling market already has dozens of flourishing casinos worldwide that earn billions of dollars in revenue and entertain millions of players globally. Still, there’s no reason to think your business can’t compete with them by offering better service, beneficial promotions, and top-notch technologies. With the rapidly rising iGaming industry, you have thousands of possibilities to be in the top 20 casinos in the world.
With this article, we want to encourage startupers and experienced business owners to move forward in developing their dream companies by finding inspiration from the leading market players.

Why do we share the success stories of others?

Stories are timeless representations of experience. We decided to push the boundaries and describe the best practices for building the most famous casinos in Europe and North America. This may motivate young entrepreneurs to create their own brands, get ahead of the competition and write their own names in the history of the iGaming development.

Here’re five reasons other gambling companies' stories are worth your time and attention.

Proof of the industry's potential

While you can only wonder whether it is possible to launch the best online casino in Europe or North American sector, we dispel your doubts by sharing the stories of other land-based and digital gambling companies. Regardless of the highly crowded market, many establishments can find their place in the sun and generate stable revenue. Statistics say the online gambling share will increase from $60.63 billion in 2023 to $103.74 billion within the next five years. The fastest-growing market belongs to North America, while the largest amount of top online casinos are located in Europe.

Inspiration for those who want but doubt

By sharing the success stories of others, we hope to inspire you to make the first steps toward building your own brand. Although the development of your business is painstaking work that requires patience and effort, every entrepreneur can find their own path to success. Even the most luxurious casinos in the world were once inexperienced beginners who could overcome all the industry challenges and make their brands recognizable worldwide.

Unique sources of ideas

Perhaps, you’re ready to open your gambling website but don’t know what may help your business stand out and attract traffic. World best practices of casinos can give you valuable insights into digital products, marketing strategies, promotions, or designs that cater to the majority of clients. You may examine the platforms' interfaces, game development, and top practices to similarly organize your site.
As an option, you also can give birth to unique ideas, providing an improved level of service or special offerings that even famous online casinos don’t have.

Compelling evidence

Success stories with links to the appropriate establishment illustrate a real example of a working business model better than a simple explanation that a gambling company can thrive. We show a real practice of how casinos with various approaches conquer the market and adapt to quickly changing customer behavior and current trends in iGaming.

Demonstration of the return on investment (ROI)

An example of a popular online casino is excellent proof that your money will work on you generating more revenue. No one wants to invest in unpromising business. In case new entrepreneurs partner with donor agencies, compelling cases can facilitate adopting new technologies that really impact and already benefit other gambling companies.
Regarding investments, it's crucial to understand what expenses business owners will require to build a white-label casinoKeep reading our guide to learn what estimated numbers we’re talking about.

How much does it cost to start an online casino?

Let’s start by determining the main items of expenditure for your startup. First, you should register all the necessary papers, buy a gambling license, build a website, choose a hosting provider, and incorporate a payment system. Then it’s time to pick up trustworthy providers who will sell online games for you. Here the costs depend on the developers’ reputation and the quality of the games they offer. You may consider creating your own games under the personal brand. In this case, the mechanics and design complexity will justify custom slot software costs.
Your website must be versatile to cater to most customers or be focused on a specific gambling type. Define whether you aim to become the best online casino for slots only or consider adding sports betting and live entertainment. In the last case, your expenses will also include the rental of halls for broadcasting in real-time and the costs of special equipment (tables, software, cameras, etc.).
Generally, your initial investments can be $1-$2 million to run and around $500000 for annual maintenance. Expenses may vary depending on the chosen regulated authority, geographical location, top online casino games assortment, and your marketing efforts.
Gambling licenses (Curacao, Malta, or others) will cost anywhere between several thousand dollars to half a million, while periodical renewal will require $2000 - $50000. Another $500000 entrepreneurs will spend on website creation, software implementation, and integration of a reliable security system.
Branding and advertising can require around $100000 and higher depending on the chosen strategy, market, and the number of customers you plan to attract.
Running a trusted online gambling site over the next few years will be less expensive. Still, you may continue to support marketing or affiliate campaigns to multiply your outcome.


Best of the best casinos: examples

We’ve combined the list of the top 5 popular gambling establishments for 2023. Hopefully, their success stories will give you valuable insights on what to pay attention to while building your own gambling brand.

Santan Mountain Casino

Do what no one has done, and you’ll reach what no one could. Santan Mountain Casino, the 4th gaming hall of the Gila River Indian Community in Arizona, is a perfect example of a game-changing approach to building a gambling business. Opened on the 30th of June, 2023, it has already shown how innovations can refresh clients’ engagement and attract them to play even more, receiving a new unbelievable experience.
Instead of traditional casino design with dark colors, no windows, and cigarette smoke, the resort offers light and airy spaces with a picturesque panoramic view of the Sonoran Desert and nearby mountains. The hall is designed in a stylish white palette with luxury details. Visitors can even take a break from 800 slots or 25 tables to take an unhurried walk in the nearest garden, then rest at a restaurant and move to the betting zone. Yes, although almost 99% of stakes out of $645 million through the Grand Canyon were made via online casino betting sites in March 2023, the resort administration invested in the largest retail sportsbook in the state.
As the Gila River Public Relations Manager Daniela Vizcarra said, their innovations are just another way to bring clients in and introduce them to their slots and dealer games.
You may ask, how the development of the most popular online casino is related to the brick-and-mortar hall? Regardless of its business model, it remains a great precedent of how you can attract visitors to your website with additional services and unique offers other gambling platforms can’t afford. Although the owners spent $180 million on running the establishment, the casino has a high potential to earn back money in a short time. The resort reached 90% of capacity only during the first week of its work.

Thunderbird Casino

One of the finest destinations in Oklahoma and Shawnee, Thunderbird Casino is welcomed and loved by millions of local visitors and those who come a long way to join its entertainment and one-of-a-kind promotions. Along with hundreds of classic gaming machines and tables, including the most popular blackjack, the hall attracts clients with its karaoke Fridays, progressive blackout bonuses, and regular $10000 prizes for the luckiest players.
The casino goes further than simply paying cash for winners. Between the most active players of the Thunderbird Club, there are also drawings of modern cars. And to be fair, this is another point to motivate visitors to play more. One of the hottest propositions of this summer is the 2023 GMC Sierra Denali.
As you see, this casino operator also doesn’t limit itself to simply offering gambling games. They serve customers more and result in better engagement and retention.

Fire Kirin Casino

If you want to examine a website with top online casino games, look at the Fire Kirin Casino. It is one of the modern brands which provides a unique customer experience with its arcades. Yes, we made no mistakes. Arcade games also can be designed to accept bets and give a possibility to win for punters.
Along with classic slot machines from trusted providers, this operator decided to include fish shooting entertainment and stand out from the crowd among hundreds of its competitors. The list of its games can’t be called overwhelming, but many users, tired of boring reels spinning, choose Fire Kirin to diversify their leisure activity.
Moreover, this Bitcoin casino accepts cryptocurrency and has become a number one choice for Generation Z. The operator definitely found its target audience.
Additionally, Fire Kirin has one of the top online casino apps suitable for Android and iPhone. You may also think of developing gambling applications under your own brand if you want them to be available for players at a fingertip.

Kats Casino

It seems like offering luxury cars as an additional prize to loyal players is a new trend among casinos. And Kats is not an exception with its E-class Mercedes draw for crypto clients. The operator has a straight focus on a product range, allowing customers to enjoy only slots, baccarat, or blackjack. No live dealer games or online sports casino betting.
But nevertheless, it doesn’t interfere with traffic and profit generation, respectively.
Here are the main features of the website you may also consider for your gambling platform:

Seneca Allegany

It is one of the best online casinos in the world for 2023, which successfully operates in Western New York. A native-owned group Seneca Resorts & Casinos also has facilities in Niagara Falls and Buffalo and runs an online gambling website.
Seneca Allegany offers an overwhelming entertainment set, including slots, card games, and sportsbooks, where clients can bet on baseball, soccer, golf, basketball, and other local and World Championship events. The company provides a VIP level of service with its luxury hotel rooms, restaurants, SPA, frequent concerts, and comedy evenings.
Summary Seneca company, founded in 2002, features 6600 slot machines, 150 live tables, and three sportsbooks, which attract over 15 million visitors annually.
As for the most famous online casino, you may look closer at the Seneca Social Club and Leaderboards, showcasing current players’ achievements. Perhaps, you can apply these features to your own branded site.


IGaming, with its constantly growing market share, is definitely a lucrative industry that promises increasing returns on investments. We got familiar with the biggest casinos in the world and innovative ones that could change the overall representation of traditional gambling entertainment. Modern brands put their customers in the first place, focusing on luxury services and propositions that go far beyond simple gaming experiences.
Extra prizes, royal privileges, convenient payment systems, and personal achievement boards are the main features that can help to catch clients’ attention and support their loyalty.
Entrepreneurs can also offer something special in addition to their online casinos - walks in the garden, concerts by famous artists, and extraordinary futuristic designs in every room. This allows keeping clients dedicated to the brand and involves them in the gameplay process. White-label solution companies can turn every business idea into life, considering customers' long-term goals, budget, and platform requirements to make it operational and profitable in a short time. Just keep trying - you have a good chance to become one of the top 5 online casinos in the world!

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