Poker face TV show or top-tier marketing that promoted the casino business

October 2023, 02

Every time Charlie Cale, the main character of a new Poker Face TV series, detected fraud at the gambling table, she cried out in indignation. No doubt, no one wants to receive such an unpleasant review about their thoroughly developed online casino. If you want to know how to build trust and loyalty among your precious customers, let’s figure out what a successful gaming platform may look like in 2023 with our detailed guide.

How the Natasha Lyonne story became iconic in casinos

This year, the top-tier marketing support for casino businesses came from an unexpected source. Earlier in January, a new Poker Face TV series exploded in the minds and hearts of millions of internet users worldwide. Not only has it taken place alongside beloved detectives, like Columbo and Magnum P.I., but it has attracted the close attention of novices and old-school players to the gambling entertainment. All due to the fantastic Natasha Lyonne’s character (Charlie Cale) and the smoky atmosphere of land-based casinos with its jackpots, high stakes, cards all over the dealers’ tables, and a sweet touch of luxury.
The first Poker Face episode describes the life and work of a lovely cocktail waitress involved in a so-called antifraud affair by its boss, the casino owner, and an awesome Adrien Brody all in one person. The reason lies in Charlie’s rare ability to feel the bluffing at the gambling tables. Her lie-detector talent raises interest in the casino administration, which uses the girl to check and limit high-profit gamblers in the establishment. All these affairs last until Natasha Lyonne, with her poker face, reveals the terrible crime committed by her boss. Charlie can’t stand aside from it and dives deeper into the details, discovering one offense after another.
The Poker Face Peacock’s show gathered a fantastic total of 641 million viewing minutes during the January 30 - February 5 broadcasting, refreshing the memories of good old detective stories and casino hall atmosphere in customers' souls. And just as the gambling line is not dead in the TV series, the casino business continues to be a profitable investment, growing at a CAGR of 11.8% from 2022 to 2030. Let’s learn up-to-date approaches to building a thriving gaming platform and gaining a stable income without further ado.

How to develop a casino business at the peak of popularity?

People are looking for a fresh and exciting gambling experience that they never had before. Suppose you know how to start an online casino business and provide engaging and enticing leisure for most of the target audience. In that case, you have a high chance of succeeding. Fine-tune factors, such as game variety, appealing website design, mouth-watering promotions, and simple logic, are crucial for the excellent performance of your platform. Let’s determine how to build your gambling company without hassle and where to find reliable support.

Define your needs

Before building a custom platform, you should determine online casino business opportunities and objectives. Decide what type of entertainment you will provide and draw a set of features your website will offer. Can it have simply online slot machines, or will you diversify the assortment with card games, sports books, or live dealer tables? Here's a quick set of criteria to consider while proceeding with your ideas:

Study users, you want to reach

Analyze the market you want to operate in. Figure out what games your target audience prefers: classic 3-reel slot, video poker, or are primarily interested in baccarat and blackjack. Examine how much money your potential customers can spend. This data will help you to choose bet limits. If your clients are high-rollers, they will be focused on entertainment with $100 and more significant stakes. Gamers with average spending will enjoy betting from a few cents to several dollars. Some other factors to consider are:

All the described factors help you to predict whether your online casino business plan will succeed in the chosen location.

Make a software supplier research and selection

The best way to launch the gambling business in 2023 with minimum effort and risks is to find a trustworthy provider, like MPS, to design a white-label casino solution. The platform development is a complex process that requires experience and a deep understanding of the iGaming industry. Research different software suppliers and find one to make your vision a reality. Here are several criteria casino providers should satisfy:

Along with all the described criteria, your chosen white-label casino provider should also have rich experience in the market in which you plan to operate. Considering local specifics will help you gain popularity among the target audience. A better understanding of players’ preferences and expectations will impact the game selection, website interface, and marketing efforts. 

Promote your online casino

Create a wisely thought online casino marketing strategy for advertising your casino website long before you launch it. Apply different approaches to reach the potential customers where they are. You shouldn’t underestimate the power of social media, paid ads, and affiliate programs. By reaching out to the maximum number of clients, you’ll grow your chances to establish the brand in the niche and generate more traffic to the platform.

Why is white-label casino the best solution for beginners in 2023?

You may wonder why we paid so much attention to the white-label casino software discussing the iGaming business development in 2023. We don’t want you to waste time, money, and resources on building a website and gambling platform from scratch when there is a better way to break into the industry market.
With such a comprehensive and ready-to-use solution, you receive a fully functional online casino accessible for customization with your own branding and design. The list of out-of-the-box platform benefits is thorough and impressive:

This comprehensive set of pros is quite convincing proof to start your own online casino business in partnership with a white-label solution provider.


How much does it cost to create an online casino?

When discussing the custom iGaming platform development from scratch, you may be surprised by the amount of credits required to launch a fully operational casino website. The total investment may reach $150,000. It’s not an easy task for a startuper, and luckily not a single possible solution for entrepreneurs.
On the contrary, how much does it cost to start an online casino with a white-label supplier? In this case, the prices range from $10,000 to $15,000 and highly depend on the provider company and the package of services included. The set of tasks you may be required to pay for includes:

Please notice that the price for the development company service doesn’t necessarily affect its quality. You may find a cheap, reliable software supplier as often as a trash company with a premium price range. So, we strongly recommend following our tips while choosing a provider to protect yourself from unscrupulous contractors.


In our guide, we’ve defined how to create an online casino website in the fastest and most cost-effective way and ensured that the iGaming industry is still on the rise.
Instead of developing the platform from scratch, you may opt for a ready-made white-label solution. Experienced software companies can help you build and customize a fully functional casino according to your brand vision. Keep an eye on your target audience preferences, engagement tools, and security issues. And, of course, don’t forget about the power of casino marketing strategies , which can popularize your website on the local and global markets and ensure stable traffic.
Building a gambling business is a big undertaking that can also become very rewarding. With the right white-label software provider by your side, everything is possible.

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